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April 2009

Peace Corps Writers has closed shop and moved all of it writings and opinions to a new and better location.

You can find us now at the larger, more helpful and informative site Peace Corps Worldwide.

There I am publishing three blogs.

  • I am continuing to edit “Peace Corps Writers,” where you will continue to find what we have been delivering since 1989: the best writing, book reviews, interviews, announcements of new books and the most important news, and all of it by or about Peace Corps writers.
  • I am writing a blog called “The Arts: Writing” for those of you with questions on what to write, how to write, and how to get published.
  • Finally, I’ve revived “John Coyne Babbles,” a collection of comments, opinions, musings, and rants on topics from Peace Corps to golf to the world around us.

And there is more at Peace Corps Worldwide — more than a dozen RPCV bloggers/columnists are providing commentary and information that will be useful to PCVs, RPCVs, Peace Corps families and the international community on such diverse topics as personal finance, travel, changing careers, health, crossing cultures, food and more.

Marian Haley Beil is the publisher of the new site and over time she will move much of the the writings and reviews and useful information from this Peace Corps Writers to Peace Corps Worldwide so that nothing will be lost in cyberspace.

Please check us out at:

We are only one click away.

John Coyne


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