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9/11 at PC/NY
40th Anniversary Writers Reading Tour. See Reading Tour for 40th Anniversary
A Closer Look
Al Gore’s Sister a PCV?
Jesuit Shenanagans
Purgatory: The Movie
Remembering Gambela
Shakespeare and Education
Afghanistan (poetry by Jack E. Cole)
Agent–how to get one
Agents & Publishers, Friendly
Awards presented by
Peace Corps Experience
Back issues of Peace Corps Writers
Bibliography of Peace Corps writers
Bibliography of books about Peace Corps
Bolivia (a poem by Bill Coolidge)
Bolivia (an essay by Bill Coolidge)
Book reviews
Botswana (a poem by Chris Conlon)
Botswana (letters from Barbara Knowles)
Botswana (a letter from Allison Flynn Fitzpatrick)
Botswana (letters from Barbara Knowles)
Bonds, Shelby — a remembrance
Bowles, Paul (Remembered by Davei Espy)
Brazaitis, Mark (interview)
Brazil-Ipanema (Travelright by Alan Ryan)

Brazil-Rio (Travel Right by Alan Ryan)
Brosnahan, Tom (interview)
Bulgaria — A letter from. Eric Friedman
Bulgaria — A letter from...Edith Sloan
Burkina-Faso (an essay by Glen Davis)
Cameroon (an essay by Abigail Calkins Aguirre)
Cameroon (an essay by Mary Beth Simmons)
Cameroon ( a letter from... by Linda Donelson
Cape Verde (essay by Jayrant Kairam)
Chad (Letter from . . by Joyce Lombardi)
Children’s books
Chile (poems by James Galbraith)
Colombia (TravelRight by Mike Tidwell)
Colombia (an essay by Finn Honore')
Colombia (an essay by Finn Honore' - 2)
Conference, RPCV, 1999
Conference 2002
Toldedo introduction
Wrap-up report

Conference 2004 activities
Conlon, Chris (interview)
Cote d’Ivoire (essay by Sarah Erdman)
Country listing of PC experience books
Country listing of PC experience essays
Country listing of PC experience websites
Country listing of Peace Corps writers
Cuba (Travel Right)
Czech Republic (poetry by Sheila Crofut)
Dominica (a poem by Meagan Pfeltz)
Eastern Caribbean — an essay by Bob Shacochis
Erdman, Sarah (interview)
Estonia — an essay by Douglas Wells
Ethiopia (A Closer Look bySteve Buff
Ethiopia (A letter from Kathleen Coskran)
Ethiopia (A letter from Kathleen Moore)
Ethiopia (A letter from Nancy Polich)
Ethiopia (an essay by Kathleen Moore)
Experience Award essays
Fischer, Fritz (interview)
Foehr, Stephen (interview)

The Gambia
Sierra Leone
Gabon: With A. Schweitzer in ...
Gabon: (letter about)
Gabon: Martha Stewart of
Gabon: Dancing with Maddness
Gabon: Petit a Petit
Ghana I:: Being First
Gabon, Vietnam and Growing Up
Ghana: (an essay by Lisa Kahn Schnell)
Gouttierre, Thomas (interview)
Guatemala (an essay by Jason Boog)
Guinea (letter from)
Guinea (essay by Matt Brown)
Guyana (A Writer Writes by Katherine Jamieson)
Guyana: Just Now
Haruf, Kent (interview)
Hessler, Peter (interview)
Honduras (essay by Meghan Maguire)
How to Write a Novel in 100 Days or Less
Honduras (40+1 reading by Carol Welsh)
Hungary (A Writer Writes by Simone Zelitch)
Hungary (Travel Right, Budapest by Don Beil
Hungary (Travel Right Debrecen by Don Beil)

Hungary (Travel Right/Vac by Don Beil)
India (A Writer Writes by Barbara Carey)
Iran (A Writer Writes by John Krauskopf)
Jacobs, Mark (Interview)
Journals of Peace
Post article 11/22
Post article 11/23
Schedule of Vigil participants
Vigil participants (alphabetically)
Kazakhstan (an essay by Joshua Abrams)
Kennedy Library/Peace Corps Collection
Kenya (letter from Melissa Chestnut-Tangerman)
Kenya (an essay by Meg Sullivan)
Kessler, Kristina (interview)
Kiribati (an essay by Jeb Bridges)
Kyrgyzstan (commentary by Rob Rosenberg
Laurence Leamer (interview)
Letter from —
Links to other sites
Literary Type
Luntta, Karl (interview)
Madagascar (a folktale)
Malawi (a letter Jane Lotter)
Malaysia (TravelRight by Mishelle Shepard)
Mali (a letter from... by Errin Byrd)
Mali (an essay by Lynn Marshall)
Mali (an essay by Rachel Schneller)
Mali (poetry by Carrie Young)
Mauritius (letter from Suzanne Clark)
McDonough, Peter (interview)
McLaurin, Tim — remembered
Menorca (TravelRight by John Coyne)
Meek, Sandra (interview)
Micronesia (essay by Reiley Ridgell)
Moldova (poetry by John Michael Flynn)
Mongolia (an essay by Matt Heller)

Mongolia (an essay by Richard Smith)
Morocco: interview with M'hamed El Kadi
Morocco (poetry by John Michael Moran)
Morocco (essay by Orin Hargraves)
Museum of the PC Experience

Neelon, Anne (interview)
Nepal (An essay by Adrienne Scherger)
New Guinea (a song by Greg Horn)
Nicaragua (A Writer Writes by Joshua Berman)
Nicaragua (A letter from R. Jones)
Niger (folktale)
Niger (a letter from Tom Kelly)
Nigeria (A Closer Look by Tom Hebert)
Nigeria (a letter from... by Betty Coxson

Nigeria (a letter from Mary-Ann Tirone Smith
Nigeria (A Writer Writes by Tom Hebert)
Omang, Joanne (interview)
Opportunities for writers
July 1999
September 1999
Panama (essay by Lauren Fitzgerals)
Peace Corps Collection/Kennedy Library
Peace Corps experience, see also Letter from
Links to sites
Meditations . . . (by Tom Hebert)
Readjustment (by Will Siegel)
Short works
Peace Corps history, see also A Closer Look
Peace Corps Writers
Peru (Peace Corps history)
Poets (interview)
Poland (Travel Right–Mischelle Shepard)
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Publishing alternatives
Publishing Jobs
Puerto Rico training
Quote Quiz
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Reading Tour for 40th Anniversary
To come
Already happened
Readings at the 40+1
James Galbraith (Chile)
Rahiel Elaine Housey (West Indies)
John Wayne Seybold
Carol Welsh (Honduras)
Readings put on by PCW
Recent books by Peace Corps writers
Bibliography of Peace Corps Writers
Books about the PC w/non-PC writers
Country listing of RPCV writers
Editor’s choice – best Peace Corps books
Finding an agent
For readers
For writers
If applying for internet job
In the Footsteps of Mark Twain
Links to other sites
Opportunities for writers
P.O.D. and You
Poets Take Note
Print on Demand
Publishing alternatives
Publishing Jobs
Small publishers
The Ticking
Rich, Susan (interview)
Romania - a letter from . . .
Romania - A Volunteer’s life by Andy Trincia
11/02 Teaching economics
1/03 Looking for Ben Franklin
3/03 A Peace Corps moment
5/03 Customer Service?
7/03 Themepark mania
9/03 The neighbor’s goat
11/03 Corrupting Future Prosecutors
1/04 Unforgettable Faces
3/04 One-Way to Bucharest
7/04 "What planet are you from?"
RPCV Conference – 1999
RPCV Writers & Readers
Back issues
  October 1989
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  September 1993
Russia (essay by Heather Carroll)
St. Lucia (40+1 reading by Rahiel Elaine Housey
St. Vincent (40+1 reading by Rahiel Elaine Housey
St. Lucia (A Writer Writes by Jac Conaway)
David Schickele’s music
David Schickele’s Peace Corps film
With Albert Schweitzer in Gabon by Bill Shurtleff
Senegal (an essay by Elise Annunziata)
Senegal (an essay by Leita Kaldi)
Shriver at Peace Vigil 9/22/01
Sierra Leone (folktale-Michael O'Neill
Sierra Leone (essay by Kevin Lowther)
Sierra Leone (a poem by Kinney Thiele)
Small publishers of PC books

Somalia (a letter from Bob Blackburn
Somalia (an essay by Ethan Gologor)
Szumowski, Margaret (interview)

Talking with . . .
Tanzania (essay by Terry Campbell)
Tayler, Jeffrey (interview)
Terms a writer should know
Theroux, Paul
Thomsen, Moritz (by John Coyne)
     Part 1
     Part 2
     Part 3
Thomsen, Moritz (by Dennis Bangs)
Thomas, Maria - obituary
Togo (an essay by Alison Coluccio
Tonga — an essay by Tina Martin
Trivia, go to A Closer Look
Tunisia (essay by Peg Clement)
Turkey (essay by Ginger Taylor Saçlioglu)
Turkey (a letter from John Taylor)
Turkey (essay by Rich Wandschneider)
Ukraine (an essay by John P. Deever)
Ukraine (A letter from ...Eugenia Hepworth Jenson)

Ukraine (a poem from Eugenia Hepworth Jenson)
U.S. (an essay by Tina Martin)
Vasquez, Gaddi
The Case Against the Nomination
Contact info for Senate Foreign Relations Comm.
Letter from John Coyne
Letter from Dick Lipez
Statement from Barbara Ferris
Statement from Hugh Pickens
Statement to the SFRC by Jack Hood Vaughn
Talking point on nomination
Venezuela (PC history by Susan O'Neill)
Vietnam (Travel Right by Mike Tidwell)
Wandschneider, Rich (interview)
War and Peace Corps
The American Way
Amoebas and Me
Becoming a Man in the Sixties
Christmas on the Mekong
The Commander Wore Civies
Elusive Dreams
Footprints in the Sand
On War and Peace
Two Corps, Peace and War
Young, Scared and Gay in 1969

Watson, Elsa (interview)
Weiss, Alan
Talking about
West Indies (40+1 reading by Rahiel Elaine Housey)
Wreden, Nick (interview)
Writers & Readers Roundtable
Writers, resources for go to Resources

Youngblood, Shay (interview)
Zaire — an essay by Margaret Szumowski
Zaire — an essay by Mike Tidwell
Zelitch, Simone (interview)
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