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* indicates a Booklocker recommendation from the editor.

A Fine Place to Daydream
A Tropical Place Like That
Across African Sand
Across the Yucatan
African Stiltdancer
African Visas
The After-Death Room
Alamo Heights
Along the Inca Road
American Taboo
An African Season
An American Affair
An Inn Near Kyoto
Angry Wind
The Arrow and the Olive Branch
Art Recipes
Ask Not
The Assassins’ Gate
Assumptions and Misunderstandings
The Autobiography of Maria Elena Moyano

Bayou Farewell
Behind Enemy Lines
Beyond Siberia
Bill Owens
Black Girl in Paris
Black Man’s Grave
Black Papyrus
Blinding Light
Blood of the Liberals
Breakfast with Buddha
Breaking the Limit
Bunion Derby
The Bush Survival Bible

The Caddie Who Knew Ben Hogan
The Captured
The Cartographer’s Tongue
A Chameleon’s Tale
Chasing the Sea
The Chinese Laundry
Christ Stopped at Eboli
The Christmas Contest
Circle of Compassion
The Circumference of Arrival
Clearing Customs
The Climate of the Country 
Commodore Perry’s Minstrel Show
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
Crazy for Rivers
Creative Recollection of a Foreign Service Life
A Culture of Corruption
Cures Include Travel
The Curse of Chief Tenaya

Danger in the Desert
Dar Days

Dark Star Safari
Dear Exile
Dear Friend
The Death of Raymond Yellow Thunder

Death Vows
Death Will Get You Sober
Diary of A Kimbang
Dirty Water
Disturnance-Loving Species
Don’t Mean Nothing

The Elephanta Suite
Experiencing the PC over 60

Facing the Congo
Families As We Are
The Father of All Things
Father Sun – Mother Moon
Field Observations
Fiji 1970
Final Exam
The First Big Ride
First Silence
For the Good of Mankind
For Two Years Who Cares
Frequent Flyer
From Rucksack to Backpack

Ghost Train to the Eastern Star
Ginseng, the Divine Root
Gilbert & Garbo In Love
Girls of Tender Age
Glory in a Camel’s Eye
God Lives in St. Petersburg
Golfing with God
A Good, Protected Life
Gone Tomorrow
Grand Canyon Celebration
Grains of Golden Sand
Guanacaste Snapshots

Halcyon Daze
Hang In There
High Risk/High Gain
Hight Risk/High Gain
Horses Like the Wind and Other Stories of Africa
Horses Like the Wind and Other Stories of Africa
How the Water Feels
How to Be a Better Birder

I Want This World
Icy Sparks
The Immaculate Invasion
The Impenetrable Forest
The Impenetrable Forest (revised 2nd edition)
The Importance of Being Famous
Impressions of Arvo Laurila
In Patagonia
In Revere, In Those Days
In the Aftermath of Genocide
In the Mountains of Heaven
Incident at Akabal
Innocents Abroad
Inside Outside
Intercultural Services
Intimate Colonialism

Jesus Was Arrested in Mexico City & Missed the Wedding
Journey from Kilimanjaro

Know It by Heart
Kofi Annan
The Konkans

La Comida
Land of Smiles
A Land Without Time
Landscape as Spirit
The Last Days of Old Beijing
Last Lorry to Mbordo
Last Moon Dancing
Later Maybe
Leaving Losapas
Lessons from Afghanistan
Letters from Zaire
Life’s A Campaign
Literary Photographs
A Little Love Story
Living on the Edge (reviews)
Living on the Edge (our review) 
Love Her Madly

Maid Marian
Major McKinley
Making Them Like Us
Mambila Remembered
Mango Elephants in the Sun
The Manhattan Beach Project
Mary Falls
Me May Mary
The Mold in Dr. Florey’s Coat
Monique and the Mango Rains
The Mourning of Angels
Mountains Diminish Underfoot
Moving Target
Murder at Ocean View College
My Bones Are Red
My Mother’s Island

The New York Postcard Sonnets
Night Blind
The Night of the Lunar Eclipse

Nine Hills to Nambonkaha
No Condition Is Permanent
Nomadic Foundations

The Odyssey of Mary B
Of Permanent Value
On the Brink of Paradise
Only the Eyes Are Mine
Orphan Quest
The Other Side of Russia
Over the Hill in Hungary

Passion for Golf
Passionate Uncertainty
A Peace Corps Profile
Pilgrimage of the Heart
Power Lines
The Price of Eggs
Priority One
The Prisoner of Vandam Street

Quality of Care

The Ravaging Tide
The Rhythm of Compassion
The Rising
River of No Reprieve
River Town
Rivers of Change
The Road Builder

San Miguel de Allende
Saying Secrets
Searching for Crusoe
The Seed of Joy
Seeing Through Africa
Selected Accidents, Pointless Anecdotes
September Snow
The Serpent’s Kiss
Service Without Guns
Shadow over Fiji
Shadow Patriots
She Smiled Sweetly
She’s Not There
The Shortest Way Home
Sir Vidia’s Shadow
A Small Harvest of Pretty Days
So, You Want to Join the Peace Corps
Soldiers in Hiding
Something Grand
Soon Come
The South American Handbook
The Sporting Life
A Stained Dawn
State of Decay
The Stations of Still Creek
Step to Freedom
The Stranger at the Palazzo D ’Oro
Steal My Heart
Strachey’s Folly
Study Abroad 101
Super America

Taj Mahal
Tales from the Jungle
Taxi to Tashkent
Things Are Different in Africa
This Is Not Civilization
Ties That Bind
Time Out
To Africa with Spatula
To Prove My Blood
Tongue Tied
Tortillitas Para Mama
Touching My Father’s Soul
Toward an Ethic of Citizenship
Two Years in Kingston Town
Two Years in the Kingdom
Two Years in Poland
The Turning Over
Two Ton

Ultimate Excursions

Vital Contact
Võ Phiê’n and the Sadness of Exile

War Stories
The Way They Say Yes Here
We Wait for You
The Weeping Time
What Kills What Kills Us
When I Was Elena
White’s Rules
Wild Women with Tender Hearts
The Wives’ Tale
The Woodsman’s Daughter
Writing the Journey

Yvette in America

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