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Peace Corps Writers’ on-line writing workshops are designed specially for RPCVs working on fiction or non-fiction manuscripts based on their overseas experience.
     Classes are limited to 6–8 students so that I have enough time to work with everyone individually. Additionally, these are the best numbers when it comes to exchanging ideas during our Chat Room.
     It takes time and lots of effort on the part of the students to make the workshop worthwhile for everyone involved. Student time is needed to complete written and reading assignments, to comment on the work that is presented each week by fellow students, and participate in a weekly chatroom.
     If you are interested in taking a workshop, we ask this initial question: are you prepared to do the lessons and readings each week, and fully participate in the writing assignments and chat rooms that take place each Tuesday evening from 9 to 10 p.m Eastern time? Think about these tasks and whether you have the time now to commit yourself to a workshop as it is only by the full participation of all of us that we will have a valuable experience.
     I ask you to also read the Q&A, and the evaluations from RPCVs who have already taken the workshop. See if this is the class that you want. Will this class, in your opinion, help you write your book? If you should want to wait for another year before taking this class, we hope to continue to keep offering a writing workshop once or twice a year.
     If you are interested in taking a workshop, send a note to Marian at
webmaster@peacecorpswriters.org. You will receive anvance notice when a workshop is being planned.
     Once a workshop has been announced, those interested in participating must apply. You will be asked to send me via regular mail as hard copy two pieces of your writing. (I will not return this material, so make a copy and mail that to me.)
  • A brief (one page maximum) bio on yourself: who you are, where you living, why you want to take the class, and what you hope to get out of the ten weeks of work.
  • 5–10 pages of the writing that you are working on and that you want to work on in this class.

     Those who have been accepted will be sent three books to be read BEFORE class begins.
     Marian and I want to make the workshop experience worthwhile for you. We want to help you write your book and this approach, we think, will be beneficial to you as an individual and the class as a whole. We are serious about hosting this workshop, and we want to help you start — and finish — your book.

John Coyne

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