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The follow are publishing innovations with which other Peace Corps writers have experience.
Publishing Alternatives
James Ciullo (Venezuela 1969–71) published A Tango in Tuscany with Publish America in 2002.
      Publish America accepts authors through the traditional query process, and publishes at no cost to the author, and they pay royalties. Print-on-demand technology is utilized in addition to large print runs, enabling them to handle a large author list. Books are made available on-line and to major distributors. They offer some technical assistance to authors in self-promotional efforts.
  William Amos (Korea 1979–80) published The Seed of Joy with Online Originals, a quality e-book publisher in England that accepts, on average, one of every 300 books submitted. OnlineOriginals states that it is the first 3-book publisher — founded in 1996.
  Sara (McWright) Armstrong (Uganda 1966–68) published The Shattered Pearl with Trafford Publishers in January 2002. This is a publish-on-demand operation and the author controls many key factors including book design, appearance and retail price. Packages start at $499.
  Suzy McKee Charnas (Nigeria 1961-63) has published ebooks with (Strange Seas) and (The Vampire Tapestry and Music of the Night). that produces print-on-demand books and sells them at

Books by Peace Corps writers published with with Infinity:

  • Robert Gribbin (Kenya 1968–70) — State of Decay: An Oubangui Chronicle
  • Carol M. Welsh (Honduras 1962–64) — When You’re Seeing Red, STOP!
  Bob Boeder (Malawi 1965–66) has self-published two books with Old Mountain Press, Hardrock Fever: Running 100 Miles through Colorado's San Juan Mountains and Beyond the Marathon: The Grand Slam of Trail Ultraruning. At their web site, they provide very complete details on services, costs, preparing your manuscript. They print 200-page minimum runs, but shorter runs of 40-page maximum, saddle-stitched books and they also do eBooks.
  Dennis Ogden (Guatemala 1987–91) has published two books with Around the Next Bend and Off the Beaten Path. Xlibris works with writers then publishes “print on demand.” There are some free core services plus many services available for a fee. Douglas Wells (Estonia 1992–96) has published In Search of the Elusive Peace Corps Moment – Destination: Estonia with Xlibris.
Authors Guild Editions are reissues of fiction and nonfiction works that were originally brought to the reading public by established United States publishers but have fallen out of print. The economics of traditional publishing methods force tens of thousands of works out of print each year, eventually claiming many, if not most, award-winning and one-time best-selling titles. With improvements in print-on-demand technology, authors and their estates, in cooperation with the Authors Guild, are making some of these works available again to readers in quality paperback editions – Authors Guild Editions.
     Recently Mary-Ann Tirone Smith (Cameroon 1965–67) published her first novel, The Book of Phoebe in an Authors Guild Edition.
     The Authors Guild is the nation’s largest society of published book authors. Since 1912 it has been the leading writers’ advocate for fair compensation, effective copyright protection, and free expression. Further information is available at
     For information about the Authors Guild and Editions go to .
Marjorie DeMoss Casebolt (Guatemala 1988–91) published Margarita: A Guatemalan Peace Corps Experience with Red Apple Publishing in Gig Harbor, Washington. Red Apple is a subsidy publisher, which assists authors in the art of self-publishing. Services offered include editing, evaluating of market potential, formatting and design, and providing marketing services — among others. The publisher is interested in senior writers — but not exclusively. Topics of interest include biography, memoir, and humor, as well as fiction. Write for more information.

Jeff Westbrook (Peru 1973–74) published his first novel, La Comida, in December 1998. What makes this novel unique is that Jeff published it on-line with Electron Press ( You can get a brief synopsis of the novel by going to the “publication index” section. Additionally, a 3,500 word excerpt from LA COMIDA is also available (free) at the web site. The novel itself costs $4 and can be downloaded into Palm Pilot format as well as onto the computer or floppy disk.
Kim McMahill (Solomon Islands) has published On The Brink of Paradise at Buy Books on the Her book details her experiences in the Solomon Islands. The book focuses on the island, its geography, history, culture, and people. An excerpt of On the Brink of Paradise can be read at the publishers site.
     To the best of our knowledge, this is the first Peace Corps book to appear on Buy Books on the where an author can submit a ready-to-print book on disk, and, for setup and monthly maintenance fees, the book is prepared by an in-house production facility and is printed on demand (of online orders) and ready to be shipped in 24 – 48 hours.
  William Amos (Korea 1979–80) has used, an electronic publisher in England to produce The Seed of Joy. This company publishes in Palm, Rocket e-book, and Adobe Acrobat formats for downloading.
  Vantage Press is a “subsidy book publisher.” In other words, authors pay to have their books published. Vantage provides a variety of services for promotion. Their philosophy is “authors have the right to express your ideas in print and present your creative efforts to the public. . . .We have published books of every type, not only of general appeal, but also of a special or controversial nature. However, we do not publish hard-core pornography, or material that is libelous or defamatory.” Adele Visel (India) published her Of Brahmins and Lesser Folk: The Tale of Another Peace Corps Grandmother in India with Vantage. Check out their website at provides a wide spectrum of services for the writer, and publishes print-on-demand books as well as digital versions for Rocket eBook, Adobe PDF, and Microsoft Reader formats.

Books by Peace Corps writers published with

  • The Impenetrable Forest by Thor Hanson (Uganda 1993–95)
  • How to Be a Better Birder by Michael Ketover (Honduras 1993–95; Guyana 1995–96; Crisis Corps/ Dominican Republic 1999)
  • Two Years in Kingston Town: A Peace Corps Memoir by Jeff Koob (Jamaica 1991-93)
  • Journey from Kilimanjaro by Hoover Liddell (Nigeria 1967–69)
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