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These literary agencies, publishers, editors and publicists have all worked with RPCV writers and have agreed to look at the writings of other returned Volunteers. Please send only manuscripts that are typed double-spaced and include a SASE — self-addressed, stamped envelope — or our ?Friendly agents and publishers? won’t be friendly anymore. If you are not going to include a SASE with your submission, then please do not say that you obtained the agent’s name and address from

Javier Perez is the founder and president of Page-Turner Publicity, a full-service literary publicity firm. Throughout his career in publishing and his association with various other companies, he has handled publicity campaigns for some of the biggest names in publishing, including James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy, Tim LaHaye, co-author of the Left Behind series, Pulitzer prize-winning author David Cay Johnston, politicians like Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM), and best-selling authors Daniel Silva, John Dunning, Laura Wolf, and Peter Clement.
     Page-Turner Publicity prides itself on the relationships it has built with the publishing industry and the media. As one of the publicists who handles publicity for the NY Times Magazine, Javier Perez is in constant contact with the top tier of producers and editors in the industry. His access to these people allows him to further the careers of established authors and help build the reputations of new ones. 
     At Page-Turner Publicity, their experienced staff works closely with both individual authors and publishers to create optimal media campaigns for books of all genres. They listen closely to a client’s goals and expectations and then plan and execute tailored, strategic publicity plans to meet them. Their relentless perseverance, passion, and marketing research affords them a competitive edge when it comes to satisfying our clients’ needs.
     Javier Perez has degrees from Brown University in English & American Literature and American Civilization. Page-Turner Publicity is based in Laguna Beach, CA, just south of Los Angeles.
Perez normally works out the costs of campaigns with writers individually since each campaign is tailored to their individual needs.  His fees are paid on an installment basis and client fees start at $2500 per project. This is a per project fee, NOT a monthly fee.

Javier Perez
Page-Turner Publicity
949.499.1861 phone
949.499.4563 fax

agent Agent and veteran in the publishing world, John Silbersack draws upon his extensive knowledge of the industry to help foster the careers of published authors, and discover and introduce brand new writers to the reading community. Silbersack’s agency has had acquisition successes in all consumer categories including literary fiction, thriller, mystery, entertainment, science fiction, fantasy, pop-culture, sports, romance, science, children’s, celebrity, film and music.
     Works can be submitted by mail to:

John Silbersack
Trident Media Group
41 Madison Avenue, Floor 36
New York NY 10010

editor Edit Your Book Bonnie Black (Gabon 1996–98) is a Columbia University writing program honors graduate (1979), published author, and an experienced professional NYC writer/editor. She is a first rate editor available to edit your manuscript on-line. Reasonable hourly rates. Contact Bonnie at
editor Promote Your Book John Sherman (Nigeria 1966–67, Malawi 1967–68; Staff: PC/ W 1970–71, 1975–77, Ghana 1971–73) has a publishing PR firm, Sherman & Company, where he markets his own books, as well as other authors’ works. He offers an array of editorial services and can provide detailed advice on self-publishing. His firm has handled marketing and publicity for authors based in Washington, Santa Fe, and Indiana. The firm received a Gold Circle Award from the Washington EdPress Association for its national press campaign on behalf of An American Biography by Pat McNees. Rates vary, depending on the complexity of a project. John may be reached at
The Permanent Press has published three books by RPCVs. Under the Neem Tree by Susan Lowerre (Senegal 1985–87), The Turning Over by William McCauley (Sierra Leone 1985–86) and Fishing in the Sky: The Education of Namory Keita by Donald Lawder (Mali 1983–85, 1988–95).

     The Permanent Press publishes almost exclusively literary fiction, though sometimes books like Under the Neem Tree will be taken. The publishing company receives about 7,000 submissions a year and publishes around twenty books a year.
     “We don’t look for books that are simply good for the marketplace,” according to Martin Shepard. “We look for books that we think are written very well and that we fall in love with as a piece of writing.”
     As to what makes good fiction, Shepard stresses, “The quality of language is what makes a manuscript stand out. I believe there are really no new stories to tell. So it’s how the author tells it that intrigues me. I believe in Joseph Conrad’s law, where he says that fiction must justify itself in every line. I like that as a concept.”
     They don’t publish mass market books, romance, science fiction, cookbooks, children’s stories, poetry, action/adventure (“unless it’s written very well”) or collections of short stories.
     If you are interested in submitting a manuscript, they would prefer a short synopsis, and the first several pages. It must include a self-addressed stamped envelope for a reply and they will get back to you as soon as possible.
     Remember, The Permanent Press is looking for:
  • High literary quality
  • Original material
  • Authentic point of view and a unique voice


Does the world really need another literary agent? asked Martin Arnold in his “Making Books” column in The New York Times on November 11, 1999. Well, yes, if it is Liza Dawson, who he featured in his piece on editors who become agents.
     Liza Dawson is waiting (and willing) to see manuscripts from RPCV writers.
     After twenty years as a successful acquiring editor, Liza opened up her own literary agency, Liza Dawson Associates eighteen months ago. “It was something I always knew I was going to do. Ten years ago the editor was king, and it was thrilling to be an editor. But now there’s a certain business model that’s been bought into publishing, and the editor’s job has become narrow.”
Back Roads
(Buy this book)
     Liza has already sold 12 books, including a first novel that is a main selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club this January. It is by Tawni O’Dell and entitled, Back Roads. Liza’s other clients include Olympia Dukakis (who will be writing a book on her mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s), Egyptologist Dr. Bob Brier (author of The Murder of Tutankhamen), and Ronnie Eisenberg and Kate Kelly (authors of the best-selling series Organize Yourself).
     As a book editor, Liza’s specialties included memoirs, narrative nonfiction, psychology, health, thrillers, and thoughtful women’s fiction. Her new agency reflects those interests. She is especially adept at developing book ideas with academics, doctors, and media personalities.
     She can be reached at:

Tell her sent you.

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