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The World
Peace Corp Journals has links to over 1,000 websites, blogs, journals etc. of PCVs and RPCVs. Mike Sheppard (The Gambia (2003–05) is the owner/operator.


  • Jen and Jeremy Haile (2001– ), journal and photos as well as information about the country and the Peace Corps.
  • Seth Smith writes: I am the webmaster the site of my sister, PCV Lindsey Smith, and her husband Tony White (2001–  ). It includes photographs, maps, journals, and newsletters. The journal entries will be sent on a bi-weekly basis or so, and will be updated regularily.
  • Brett and Laura Holt (2004–05) have photos and a journal at their site.


  • Otherways is a site built by the friends and family of Sean O’Keefe (1998–2000) to document his Peace Corps service in Benin. It includes journal entries, photos, and interviews.
  • The University of Maryland’s James Macgregor Burns Academy of Leadership features writings by PCV and RPCV alums. Jeanne Choi ( 2001–2003) has been posting email messages of her ongoing experience.
  • Jennifer Green (2001–2003), on leave from Boeing for 27 months, is working with an NGO to help incorporate Information and Communications Technology (ICT) into development efforts in Benin. Her site features photos with commentary of Benin and her work. Has lengthy list of related links.


  • Rel Davis and Edith Sloan’s (Bulgaria 2001–  ) Bulgarian Page.
  • Smolyanski Scribbles is Heather Brown’s web site about her service in Smolyan in southern Bulgaria. It has journal entries and letters, a page for her students to be pen pals, letters from PCVs welcoming new Volunteers and more.
  • Sarah Cook (2001- ) is a teacher in Karnobat.
  • Lista Fiala (2001- ) is a business PCV in Karnobat – near the Black Sea.
  • Josh and Kate Miller (2000–02) include journals, photos, and information about Bulgaria at “Josh and Kate’s Adventures in Bulgaria.”
  • Jeff Ploetz (1997–99) lived in Gabrovo with his wife Kerry and helped develop parks in the Central Balkans. His site has journal entires and photos.
  • Chantel Sloan (2001– ), a teacher who lives in Samakov in western Bulgaria, presents “My Adventures in Bulgaria” with pictures, letters home, “How you can help.”
  • Bulgaria Buzz” is the site of Skip and Carol Thompson (2001– ), are in Kubrat in northeast Bulgaria.


  • Jerr in Africa” is the website of business Volunteer Jerremy R. Hunley (2002–  ).


  • David Kendall Grant (1990–92) has an mp3 website of songs and writings including many based on his Volunteer experience.


  • Some RPCVs who served in Chile maintain a site for reconnecting. Also at the site are black-and-white photos with commentary from Kay Muldoon-Ibrahim (1965–68). They include wonderful photos of artesans, farmers, PCVs and others. Click on “Kay’s Pics” in the left column of the home page to access.


Dominican Republic

  • Andrea Yajko (2001–03) has a Peace Corps section at her website that includes writings, paintings inspired by the island and a link to another site with photos of the DR.
  • Shawn Davis (Mali 1996–98) has photos from Mali and the Dominican Republic at


  • Kendra Goffredo’s website is “The story of one girl’s Peace Corps adventures in Ecuador” beginning in July 2005 with photos, a journal and more.


  • Navrongo and Lawra Homepage. This Web Page is devoted to two small communities in Northern Ghana. The authors — Beverly and Carey Johnston — of this web page collectively spent six years [from 1991 to 1994] in these West African towns and they would like you to know more about them.” Page also includes links to Peace Corps related sites. 


  • Richard Sitler (2000–02) is a photojournalist and has many photos — with captions — from his years of service at Click on “Special interest>Jamaica” for photos and info.


  • Nick and Jennie Demille started their service in Kenya in July of 2007. They have a blog at that is wonderfully descriptive.
  • Donna Harrison Sorensen (2003–05) was a Deaf Education Volunteer. Her site includes stories, and photos from her Peace Corps service.
  • Julie Guberman (2002–04) has written a collection of short non-fiction stories about her experiences as a deaf educator in her blog at
  • RPCV Jeanne Daigle (1992–93) has a very informative site about Kenya at


  • Larry Tweed at “Peace Corps Kyrgyzstan” has his own blog plus a list of numerous links to blogs of other Volunteers from Kyrgyzstan.


  • Ted Pack who served in Sarawak has “five short stories, two snippets, 30 slides and a link to more slides” at his website.


  • Shawn Davis (1996–98) has photos from Mali and the Dominican Republic at
  • Lisa Hall (1995–97) is an artist who has paintings of Mali plus Bolivia, Samoa,
    and Morocco at Click on “Travel Paintings” on the home page.
  • Sculptor Kingsley Anderson (94–96) draws from his Peace Corps experience in creating sculpture. See his work — along with photos of Mali at


  • has photo galleries, a discussion forum, and a “viewpoint” section for short memory pieces. PCVs and RPCVs from Micronesia are urged to add their memory pieces to this growing site.


  • “Adventures in Moldova” is Peter Myer’s blog at In addition to his blog, he has photos and a lengthy list of blogs of other PCVs in Moldova
  • Bradley Dadkake’s “Nightpie’s Travels” is at Looks like fun there!


  • Nam LaMore, a Volunteer in the Small Business Development (Nov 2005 - Dec 2007) has the blog “Laugh Loud and Often” at
  • Nichole Christensen (2003–  ) working in the Small Business Development program has a blog at
  • Scot Estergard (1991–93) has a website featuring essays on his life in Morocco (including his Moroccan marriage) as well as photos and some Morocco links.
  • Carol McCreary (Morocco) has assembled an excellent resource page for travel in Morocco particularly Marrakesh, the High Atlas and Essourira.  
  • Artwork by Morocco RPVC Stacy Elko (Morocco 1988–  ) Though it takes time to load it is a great site to see original artwork depicting scenes from life in Morocco.
  • By Jeffrey Tayler (Morocco 1988–90) published at
    • Lost in the Sahara” tells how “a freak sandstorm turns a simple desert excursion into a desperate drive.” (September 1997)
    • Save Me, Wild Qahba” recounts a wild night — and the “fallen women” — in a Morocan hash house. (March 1998)


  • Blake Schmidt (2001–03) developed and continues to direct a project to teach photography to children ages 13 to 18. Their work can be seen at purchased at “The World through My Eyes.”
  • John Dutton (2002–  ) maintains a blog of his Peace Corps experience.


  • Sera Arcaro (2002–04) has an extensive website including pictures and stories from her and her husband Zac’s experience at


  • Kendra Goffredo served in Nepal from February to November of 2003 before being evacuated when the program closed. This is her website from that time. See the entry under Ecuador for more recent postings.





  • Scott and Erin Farver (2006–08) have a weblog about their experiences that attempts to be both insightful and humorous.rom
  • Julia (2004–  ) is from New York City and is sharing her Peace Corps experience in Sorsogon on her blog at

St. Vincent and the Grenadines


Sierra Leone


  • Cullen and Vanessa Hughes, members of training group Thailand 115, share their daily experiences in Thailand with a newsletter and photos.


  • Mike (Maka) Lebson (2001–03) has a long description of many different aspects of life in Tonga and a logbook with entries recorded during his Peace Corps service at: /users/mleb
  • Writings from a Tonga RPCV Alexander (Sandy) Mackintosh (e-mail) writes: “I was a volunteer in Tonga (South Pacific) in ’69 & ’70 and have only recently begun to record some of my memories and experiences of that period in my life. Most of them are included on my Web site. The essays relating specifically to Tonga include the following. ‘Tonga: Essays & Shorts’ (there are several selections included here), ‘Soccer: The Beginning in Tonga,’ ‘Indelible Impressions,’ and ‘Lunar.’ In addition, I am continually adding material to the site as each piece is completed. I would welcome any interest you may have.”
  • Paul W. Neville (2000–02) has a site at


  • Mark and Virginia Pulvers (2005–07) adventures and associated journals can be found at They include photos, videosand notes


The Peace Corps experience

  • The University of Maryland’s James Macgregor Burns Academy of Leadership features writings by PCV and RPCV alums. David C. Theison (Fiji 1973–76) presents a paper, “Take Another Road: The Peace Corps Volunteer Experience.” David is also the co-director of the Uof Md PC web pages.
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