Links to sites of interest
  The sites below are ones that have contacted us requesting to be listed and that we have determined are relevant to our audience and in keeping with our vision of this site.
 Sites of PCVs and RPCVs about their countries and experiences
  • The Peace Corps
  • The National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) Includes a searchable RPCV email directory, a section for announcements and a page designed to help RPCVs help each other find old friends
  • RPCV groups listed at the NPCA site
    Peace Corps Online — “The Independent news forum serving Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.” In addition to links for each country of service, the site's primary strength is in covering current media reporting on all things Peace Corps.
  • Books On-line bookstore. is an Amazon Associate an receives a small percentage of the cost of each book purchased by people clicking through our site to Amazon. Click on book covers or "(Buy this book)" to help support this site.
  • is the “world's largest network of independent booksellers.” Look here for hard-to-find, and out-of-print books.
  • The Peace Gallery currently has photos from Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of the people and places where they served. All photos are copyright free for educational use and searches can be conducted on key words (e.g. searching on "children" yielded 16 photos of childres from around the world. RPCVs are invited to submit photos from their country. This site has been created by Wayne Breslin (Ghana 1992–94)
  • We Are All Sisters, the site of Tanya Elders (Malawi 1997–99) seeks stories about strong women.
Sites for writers*
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* The First nine links were adapted from an article in Poets & Writers Literary Horizons: Professional Development for Writers, Guide to Programs 2000–2001.
    The Content Exchange is a marketplace for online content creators and publishers.
    Litline links to literary journals, small presses and literary organizaitons with online connection.
    The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has grants for creative writing fellowships.
    The National Writers Union is a union that advocates for writers.
    The Poetry Society of America is a membership organization that offers seminars, readings, awards, and a newsletter.
    Poets & Writers is a resource for free information on publishing, grants and awards.
    Shaw Guides is a comprehensive guide to writers conferences and festivals throughout the country that can be searched by location, date, financial aide information, and other useful topics.
    Web del Sol publishes poetry and fiction and provides links to magazines, publishers, and organizations internationally.
    The Zuzu’s Petals Literary Resource offers over 10,000 links to helpful resources for writers, artists, performers, and researches literary news, and a quarterly magazine.

sites for writers
  Other sites
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  • The Congo Cookbook published by an RPCV under the nom de website, Ed Gibbon
  • The Travel Video Cyberstone is a new business started by Toya Simmons (Ecuador 1994-96). Travel Video Cyberstone specializes in the sale of travel videos. These travel videos represent popular as well as off the beaten path destinations worldwide. People use these tapes to familiarize themselves about future destinations. To learn more about what Toya is doing, call 312.214.3140 or check out her website at:
  • World Library Partnership has published a wonderful simulation game by RPCV Gail Wadsworth (Uganda 1970–72; Kenya 1973–76; UNV/PCV Tanzania 1980–82; and PC/W 1989–97) and Wendy White called “Pamoja: A Learning Activity for the Information Age.” An earlier version of the game was used at the Beijing Women’s Conference NGO Forum on Women. Pamoja means “together” in Swahili and the game is used to facilitate communication. Depending on their interests, participants use “Pamoja” to explore issues and skills such as team building, policy development, negotiation, cultural sensitivity and the value of information. For more information contact Laura Wendell at 919.479.0163 or visit the website of World Library Partnership.
  • Phillip LeBel (Ethiopia 1965–68) writes: I am pleased to announce that publications of the Center for Economic Research on Africa (CERAF), are now available online via Adobe Acrobat reader. We consider these papers as complementary to and supportive of articles published in peer-reviewed publications. What we provide is an internet resource where interested scholars doing research on economic issues in Africa can have rapid access to recent work being undertaken on timely subjects.
         In addition to existing titles, we welcome manuscript submissions by scholars to the research monograph series. Guidelines for the research monograph series are posted on the website. In placing these in the public domain, CERAF does not exercise any copyright authority over any paper issued in the research monograph series and authors are free to use the site in any distribution of their choosing.
         The CERAF website address is:
  • Overbooked is a web site for ravenous readers offering information about new and notable fiction of all types. This list is designed to send news of updates on Overbooked hotlists, booklists and other key web pages, to discuss new fiction, to offer suggestions for improving the Overbooked web site. In the Fall of 2000, one of their featured books was Louisa by Simone Zellitch (Hungary 1991–93).
  • Resources about third culture kids "This . . . non-commercial site provides resources for the parents and teachers of Third Culture Kids; Military Brats, Missionary Kids, State Department kids, and other children who are dealing with cross-culture issues."
  • Foreign Affairs magazine "Foreign Affairs is the most widely read magazine on international affairs and United States foreign policy. It has been published since 1922 by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Council on Foreign Relations." Includes extensive links to related sites.
  • The Journal of African Travel-Writing (JATW) "JATW is a semi-annual journal presenting and exploring accounts of past and contemporary African travel. We publish a wide variety of materials: scholarly articles, true narratives, fiction, poetry, reviews, mixed media (text and graphics), and related literary artifacts from many sources, in many styles." The March, 1997 issue includes three essays by former Peace Corps Volunteers in Africa.
  • Project Gutenberg The text of 2,200-plus books of great literature available online. The project of Michale Hart, data entry done with volunteer labor, the project receives no funding. The goal for the end of 2001 - 3,333 books recorded. You can volunteer to help, too.
  • Sarah Grossman (Paraguay 1983–85) recommends the website of Whereabouts Press which “publishes primarily travel books, or rather books for travel to another country. Their books are collections of stories by local writers, with maps and stories by regions.”
  • Go-Scape is the web site of travel writer and friend of Steve Zikman.

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