Publishing Translations:
A workshop presented at the Peace Corps 41st Anniversary Conference

Friday, June 21, 3:00pm–4:00pm     Room: Classic B

Workshops presented by Peace Corps Writers at the 41st Conference:

ePublishing & Self Publishing

The Peace Corps Novel as Literature

Poetry from the PC Experience

Publishing Translations

Travel Now, Write Later

Write a Novel in 101 Days

Write! Edit! Publish!

Writing about the Environment

Writing Children's Books

Writing Your Peace Corps Story

Working with Words

What language skills are required to do translations? Do you choose the writer and the work, or do they choose you? What is the role of translation in bringing the world home?
Marnie Mueller (Ecuador 1963-65) is the author of three novels, Green Fires, winner of the RPCV Writers & Readers’ Maria Thomas Fiction Award in 1994, and The Climate of the Country. Her My Mother’s Island is just out.
Patricia Edmisten (Peru 1962–64) is the author of Nicaragua Divided: LaPrensa and the Chamorro Legacy. Last year The University Press of Florida published her translation of María Elena Moyano en busca de una esperanza as The Autobiography of María Elena Moyano: The Life and Death of a Peruvian Activist. Patricia’s first novel, The Mourning of Angels, will be out this fall.

Chuck Kleymeyer (Peru 1966–68) is a Senior Fellow at the Center for the Support of Native Lands, and a sociologist who has been involved with grassroots development and indigenous movements since leaving the Peace Corps. He has published some 30 articles and five books on that work, most recently a trilingual collection of short stories on self-help development in Latin America.

Ann Neelon (Senegal 1978–1979) is the author of Easter Vigil, which won the Anhinga Prize for Poetry, and the 1997 RPCV Writers & Readers Poetry Award. She teaches creative writing at Murray State University in Murray, KY.

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