H (He...  Hi...  Ho...  Hu...)

Kirk A. Hackenberg (Nicaragua, Chile 1977–80)

Peggy Hackney (Ethiopia 1966–67)

  • Study Guide for Elementary Labanotation, with Sarah Manno, Muriel Topaz. New York : Dance Notation Bureau Press, 2nd ed.:1977
  •  Making Connections: Total Body Integration Through Bartenieff Fundamentals, Gordon and Breach Pub., 1998; 2nd ed: Taylor & Francis Group/Routledge, 2000 (Buy this book)

Budd L. Hall (Nigeria 1965–68)

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  • Adult Learning, a Design for Action: A Comprehensive International Survey, editor with J. R. Kidd, Oxford & New York: Pergamon Press, 1978.
  • Creating Knowledge: A Monopoly? editor with Arthur Gillette, Rajesh Tandon, New Delhi : Society for Participatory Research in Asia, 1982

Michael R. Hall (Dominican Republic 1984–87)

  • Sugar and Power in the Dominican Republic: Eisenhower, Kennedy, and the Trujillos, Greenwood Press 2000 (Buy this book)

Mitchell Hall (Togo 1965-67)

  • The Healing Drum: African Wisdom Teachings, with Yoya Diallo, Rochester, VT: Destiny Books, 1989 (Co-author)

Ted O. Hall (Peru 1966–68)

  • The Alternative Market, Dallas, TX: International Risk Management Institute, Inc., 1994
  • The Captive Insurance Manual, co-author, NILS Publishing, Chatsworth, CA, 1999-2000

Tony Hall (Thailand 1966–68)

  • Changing the Face of Hunger: The Story of How Liberals, Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, and People of Faith are Joining Forces in a New Movement to Help the Hungry, the Poor, and the Oppressed, W Publishing Group, 2006 (Buy this book)

Betty Ladd Halliwell (Peace Corps/Washington 1988-89)

  • The Bjorklund Legacy, Book One: Philanth at 25, DC: Pribiloff Press, 1995
  • The Bjorklund Legacy: Bjorklund’s Daughter, Santa Monica, CA: Pribiloff Press, 1995
  • The Bjorklund Legacy: The Farber-Bjorklund Presidency Ended Strangely, Santa Monica, CA: Pribiloff Press, 1995

Peter Halpert (1977–79)

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Jon Halter (Venezuela 1966-68)

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  • Reggie Jackson, All-star in Right, New York: Putnam, 1975
  • Top Secret Projects of World War II, New York: J. Messner/Simon & Schuster, 1978
  • Their Backs to the Wall: Famous Last Stands, New York: J. Messner/Simon & Schuster, 1980

Andrew Hamilton (Ukraine 2002–04)

  • Art Recipes, (photographer) Brew Productions, 2005 (To order) REVIEW

Dorothy Hamilton (Thailand 1972–74)

  • Chef’s Story: 27 Chefs Talk About What Got Them into the Kitchen, Echo Press, 2007 (Buy this book)

Suzanne Crowder Han (Korea 1977-79)

  • Notes on Things Korean, Elizabeth NJ, Seoul: Hollym, 1970s; 1993; 1995 (Buy this book)
  • Korean Folk and Fairy Tales, illustrated by Mi-on Kim, Elizabeth NJ, Seoul: Hollym, 1991 (Buy this book)
  • The Rabbit’s Judgment, illustrated by Yumi Heo, Henry Holt & Co., 1994, 1995 (Buy this book)
  • The Rabbit’s Escape, illustrated by Yumi Heo, Henry Holt & Co.,1995 (Buy this book)
  • The Rabbit’s Tale: A Story from Korea, illustrated by Richard Wehrman, Henry Holt & Co., 1999 (Buy this book)
  • Chejudo: A Pictorial Guidebook, Elizabeth NJ, Seoul: Hollym, 2000 (Buy this book)
  • Let’s Learn about Korea: Customs of Korea, Elizabeth NJ, Seoul: Hollym, 2003 (Buy this book)

Debby Hangbe (Benin 2002–04)

  • Americans Do Their Business Abroad: Stories by People Who Should Have Known Better, But Are Glad They Didn’t, (contributor), Lulu, 2007 (Buy at Lulu)

Mark Hankins (Kenya 1983–87)

  • Renewable Energy in Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya: Motif Creative Arts, 1987.
  • Solar Electric Systems for Africa, Commonwealth Secretariat; Revised edition, 1995 (Buy this book)

Eloise Hanner (Afghanistan 1971–73, Paraguay 1999–2000)

  • The First Big Ride:  A Woman’s Journey, Nashville: Cumberland House Press, 2000 (Buy this book)
  • Letters from Afghanistan, Branden Publisheing Co., 2003 (Buy this book)

Lynne Hansen (1965–66)

  • Second Language Attrition in Japanese Contexts, editor; Oxford University Press; 1999

Thor Hanson (Uganda 1993–95)

David Hapgood (Peace Corps/Washington, Evaluation; Ecuador 1964-66)

  • The Purge That Failed: Tammany v. Powell, NY: Holt, 1959
  • Africa, Boston: Ginn, 1968; NY: Atheneum, 1965
  • Rural Action: Towards Experiments in Food Production, with Peggy Anderson, DC: U. S. Peace Corps, 1969
  • Africa: From Independence to Tomorrow, NY: Atheneum, 1970
  • Agents of Change, with Meridan Bennett, Boston: Little, Brown, 1968 (Co-author)
  • The Role of Popular Participation in Development, MIT Press, 1969 (Contributor)
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  • The Average Man Fights Back, Doubleday, 1977
  • Monte Cassino, NY: Congdon & Weed, 1984
  • Year of the Pearl: The Life of a New York Repertory Company, Knopf, 1993

Orin K. Hargraves (Morocco 1980–82) Email

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  • At Home in the World: The Peace Corps Story, contributor, Peace Corps/USGPO, 1996
  • Culture Shock! London at Your Door, Portland, OR: Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co., 1997 (Buy this book)
  • Living and Working in London, Kuperard Pub, 1997 (Buy this book)
  • Culture Shock! Chicago at Your Door, Graphic Arts Center Pub Co., 1999 (Buy this book)
  • Mighty Fine Words and Smashing Expressions: Making Sense of Transatlantic English, Oxford University Press, 2002 (Buy this book)
  • New Words, Oxford University Press, 2004 (Buy this book)
  • Morocco (Cultures of the World), with Pat Seward, Benchmark Books, 2nd edition 2005 (Buy this book)
  • Words to Rhyme With, by Williard R. Espy, updated by Orin Hargraves, Checkmark Books, 2006 (Buy this book)
  • Culture Shock! London, Graphic Arts Center Pub 2007 (Buy this book)

Judith Harrington (Venezuela 1965–67)

  • At Home in the World: The Peace Corps Story, contributor, Peace Corps/USGPO, 1996

Mark Harris (Peace Corps/Washington 1963-64)

  • Twentyone Twice, no publisher, 1966

June Hart (Brazil 1971–73)

  • Ma and Pa Hart Join the Peace Corps, Mennonite Press, PO Box 867, Newton, Kansas 67114, 20001

John Hartung (Ethiopia 1968–70)

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  • The Bride: Given Away, Sold, Bartered, Stolen, contributor, Koln: Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum, 1985.
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  • Human Nature: A Critical Reader, contributor, New York: Oxford University Press, 1997.

Kent Haruf (Turkey 1965–67)

  • The Tie That Binds, NY: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1984 (Buy this book)
  • Where You Once Belonged, Summit Books, 1990
    RPCV WRITERS & READERS’ Maria Thomas Fiction Award wineer 1991
  • Plainsong, Knopf, 1999 (Buy this book) REVIEW
  • Eventide, Knopf, 2004 (Buy this book) REVIEW
  • West of Last Chance, with Peter Brown, photographer, W.W. Norton & Co. 2008 (Buy this book)

Walter Hawkes (Tanzania 2002–03)

  • A Life Inspired: Tales of Peace Corps Service, contributor, DC: Peace Corps/USGPO, 2006

Tom Hazuka (Chile 1978–80)

  • Flash Fiction: Very Short Stories, W.W. Norton, 1992, co-editor with James Thomas and Denise Thomas (Buy this book)
  • A Celestial Omnibus: Short Fiction on Faith, Beacon Press, 1997, 1998 (paperback) co-editor with J. P. Maney (Buy this book)
  • The Road to the Island, Bridge Works, 1998 (Buy this book)
  • In the City of the Disappeared, Bridge Works, 2000. (Buy this book)
  • A Method to March Madness: An Insider's Look at the Final Four (with C.J. Jones), Moonlight Publishing, 2006 (Buy this book)
  • Last Chance for First, Brown Barn Books, 2008 (Buy this book) Review

Kevin Healy (Peru 1967–69)

  • Caciques y Patrones: Una Experiencia de Desarrollo Rural en el Sud de Bolivia (Bosses and Landlords: A Rural Development Experience in Southern Bolivia) (Spanish only) LaPaz, Bolivia: CERES, l981.
  • Llamas, Weavings and Organic Chocolate, Multicultural Grassroots
    Development from the Andes and Amazon of Bolivia,
    University of Notre Dame Press, 2000 (Buy this book)

Mike Hebert (Nicaragua)

  • Insights and Strategies for Winning Volleyball, Champaign, Ill. : Leisure Press, 1991.
  • The Fire Still Burns: Illini V’ball, with Dave Johnson, Champaign, IL: Sagamore Publishing, 1993.

Tom Hebert (Nigeria 1962-64)

  • This Way Out: A Guide to Alternatives to Traditional College Education in the United States, Europe and the Third World, with John Coyne, NY: Dutton, 1972 (Co-author)
  • By Hand: A Guide to Schools & Careers in Crafts, with John Coyne, NY: Dutton, 1974 (Co-author)
  • Getting Skilled: A Guide to Private Trade and Technical Schools, with John Coyne, Dutton, 1976 (Co-author)
  • To Touch the World: The Peace Corps Experience, contributor, Peace Corps/USGPO, DC, 1994, 1995

Dan and Lisa Hebl (Kenya 1991-93)

  • Peace Corps Roller Coaster, Menomonie, WI: Roller Coaster Press, 1994

Tom Heidlebaugh (Kenya 1965-68)

  • Bus Ride, Kenya: East African Publishing House, 1968
  • Drum Beat, Kenya: East African Publishing House, 1968 (Anthologist)
  • Only the Sun Knows, with David Kiprono Ngosos, Kenya: East African Publishing House, 1968 (Co-author)
  • Mountain Drawing, Santa Fe, NM: Institute of American Indian Art, 1984
  • From the Center of the Earth: Stories Out of the Peace Corps, contributor, Santa Monica, CA: Clover Park Press, 1991 (Buy this book)

Kenneth J. Heller (1966–67)

  • Cooperative Group Problem Solving in Physics, with Kathryn Heller, Patricia Hell; Brooks/Cole Pub Co; 2001 (Buy this book)

Matthew Heller (Mongolia 1995–97)

  • Peace Corps: The Great Adventure, contributor, Peace Corps/USGPO, 1997, 1999

Phil Bob Hellmich (Sierra Leone 1985–89)

  • Peace Corps: The Great Adventure, contributor, Peace Corps/USGPO, 1997, 1999
  • Chicken Soup for the Fisherman’s Soul: Fish Tales to Hook Your Spirit and Snag Your Funny Bone, contributor, Health Communications, 2004 (Buy this book)

Mike Helm (Uganda 1967-68 & Kenya 1969)

  • Conversations with Pioneer Women, by Fred Lockley, Eugene, OR: Rainy Day Press, 1981 (Compiler/Editor)
  • Tracking Down Coyote, Eugene, OR: Rainy Day Press, 1990

Joan Heron (Turkmenistan 1995–97)

  • Chai Budesh? Anyone for Tea?: A Peace Corps Memoir of Turkmenistan, PublishAmerica, 2008 (Buy this book)

Susana Herrera (Cameroon 1992–94)

  • Mango Elephants in the Sun: How Life in an African Village Let Me Be in My Skin, Shambhala Publications, 1999 (Buy this book) REVIEW
    * Winner of the 2000 Paul Cowan Non-Fiction Award given by Peace Corps Writers.
  • Chicken Soup for the Volunteer’s Soul: Stories to Celebrate the Spirit of Courage, Caring and Committment, [contributor] Health Communications, 2002 (Buy this book)

Andrea Herrmann (Morocco 1963-65)

  • Teaching Writing and Newspapers in Education, NY: Newsday, 1984 (Contributor)
  • Writing at Century’s End: Theory and Practice in Computers and Writing, NY : Random House, 1986, (Contributor)
  • Critical Perspectives on Computers in Composition, NY: Teachers Collete Press, 1989 (Contributor)
  • Computers and Writing: Theory, Research, Practice, NY MLA Press, 1990 (Contributor)
  • Writer’s Craft, Teacher’s Art: Teaching What We Know, Heinemann-Boynton/Cook, 1991 (Contributor)
  • Evolving Perspectives on Computers and Composition Studies: Questions for the 1990s, Urbana, IL: NCTE & Computers and Composition, 1991 (Contributor)

Mary Hershberger (1962–64)

  • Traveling to Vietnam: American Peace Activists and the War, Syracuse NY: Syracuse Univ Pr; 1998 (Buy this book)

Nicholas Hershenow (Zaire/Congo 1985–87)

Peter Hessler (China 1996–98)

Joel A. Hettger (Iran 1970–72)

  • A Guide to the Literature of Biafra, 1971

Juliane Heyman (Staff PCV/W 1961–66)

  • From Rucksack to Backpack: A Young Woman’s Journey in a Newly Evolving World, Xlibris, 2004 (Buy this book)

Ruth Higbie (Nepal 1969-71)

  • A Classful of Gods and Goddesses in Nepal, Pacific Grove, CA: Boxwood Press, 1988

Frederick Highland (Micronesia 1967–69)

Michael Craig Hillmann (Iran 1965-67)

  • Persian Carpets, Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 1984
  • A Lonely Woman: Forugh Farrokhzad and Her Poetry, Washington, DC: Mage Publishing/3 Continents Press, 1987
  • Iranian Culture: A Persianist View, University Press of America, 1990
  • From Durham to Tehran, Bethesda, MD: Iranbooks, Inc., 1992

Ellen Urbani Hiltebrand (Guatemala 1991–93)

Elfie Hinterkopf (India 1965–67)

  • Integrating Spirituality in Counseling: A Manual for Using the Experiential Focusing Method, American c Counseling Assn, 1997 (Buy this book)

Jane Brown Hirsch (Nigeria 1966-68)

  • Alhaji: A Peace Corps Adventure in Nigeria, Fithian Press, 1994 (Buy this book)

Roger B. Hirschland (Sierra Leone 1965–67)

  • How Animals Care for Their Babies, photo illustrator; by National Geographic Society, National Geographic Children’s Books, 1996 (Buy this book)

Paula M. Hirschoff (Kenya 1968–70)

  • Completing the Food Chain: Strategies for Combating Hunger and Malnutrition: Papers and Proceedings of a Colloquium Organized by the Smithsonian Institution, editor with Neil Kotler (Ethiopia 1964–66) , Smithsonian Institution Press,1989

Stephen Hirst (Liberia 1962—64)

  • Life in a Narrow Place: The Havasupai of the Grand Canyo, NY: David McKay Co., 1976 (Buy this book)
  • Havsuw ’Baaja (Havasupai Tribe): People of the Blue Green Water, Supai AZ, Havasupai Tribal Council, 1985 (Buy this book)
  • I Am The Grand Canyon: The Story of the Havasupai People, Grand Canyon Association, 2006 (Buy this book)

Nicholas Louis Hoesl (Afghanistan 1965-67)

  • The First Humorously Medical Dictionary: A Comical Compendium of Therapeutics (Buy this book), NY, NY: Vantage Press, 1997

Stanley Hoffman (Ethiopia 1966–69)

  • Solomon’s Temple, NY: Viking Press 1974

Jarita Holbrook (Fiji 1988–91)

  • African Cultural Astronomy: Current Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy Research in Africa, (editor with Rodney Thebe Medupe and Johnson O. Urama), Springer, 2007 (Buy this book)

Richard C. Holbrooke (Staff: CD/Morocco 1970-72)

  • To End A War, Modern Library, 1999 (Buy this book)
  • Prelude to a Tragedy: Vietnam 1960–64, (forward), edited by Harvey Neese and John O’Donnell, US Naval Inst., 2000 (Buy this book)
  • Families As We Are: Conversations from Around the World, (forward), by Perdita Huston, Feminist Press, 2001 (Buy this book)

Rainette Bannister Holimon (Kenya 1974–77; Sierra Leone 1990–91)

Kris Holloway (Mali 1989–91)

  • Monique and the Mango Rains: Two Years with a Midwife in Mali, Waveland Press, 2006 (Buy this book) Review

Richard C. Holt (Nigeria 1964–66)

  • Classroom Computers and Programming Languages: Minicomputers and Languages for Computer Studies in Secondary Schools, with Thomas E. Hull, Toronto : Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, 1975.
  • Structured Programming Using PL/1 and SP/k, with J. N. P. Hume, Reston, Va. : Reston Pub. Co., 1975, 1982
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    ISBN: 0835956911; (May)
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  • The Turing Programming Language: Design and Definition, with Philip A. Matthews, J. Alan Rosselet, J.R. Cordy; Prentice Hall; 1987 (Buy this book)

Bruce Hoppe (Nigeria 1966–67, Kenya 1967–  )

  • Don’t Let All The Pretty Days Get By, Back-to-One Books, 2006 (Buy this book)

Marla Kay Houghteling (Sierra Leone 1968–70)

  • Living on the Edge: Fiction by Peace Corps Writers, contributor, Curbstone Press, 1999 (Buy this book)

Phyllis Greenberg Houseman (Ecuador 1962-64)

  • The Verdict Is Love, Pageant Books, 1989
  • To Catch A Lorelei, Bensalem, PA: Kismet Romance/Meteor Publishing Co., 1991
  • There Is A Season, Bensalem, PA: Kismet Romance/Meteor Publishing Co., 1992
  • Call Back Our Yesterdays, Bensalem, PA: Kismet Romance/Meteor Publishing Co., 1992
  • Another New Year’s Eve (Buy this book), Harlequin American Romance, 1996

Herbert M. Howe (Nigeria 1966–67)

  • Do Not Go Gentle, New York: Norton, 1981.

Ward Hower (Staff Brazil 1964; Staff Guyana 1965-66)

  • Quanta: A Manifesto for the Third Millennium, London, England: Minerva Press, 1996

Betsy L. Howell ( Argentina 1992–94)

  • Americans Do Their Business Abroad: Stories by People Who Should Have Known Better, But Are Glad They Didn’t, (contributor), Lulu, 2007 (Buy at Lulu)

Grover Hudson (Ethiopia 1963–65)

  • Highland East Cushitic Dictionary, Hamburg : H. Buske, 1989.
  • Essays on Gurage Language and Culture, editor, Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 1996
  • Essential Introductory Linguistics, Malden, Mass. : Blackwell Publishers, 2000

E. Thomas Hughes (Iran 1968–69)

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  • Buried Ttreasure: Roots & Tubers, with with Meredith Sayles Hughes, Minneapolis: Lerner Publications Company; 1998

Meredith Sayles Hughes (Iran 1968–69)

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  • Buried Ttreasure: Roots & Tubers, with Tom Hughes, Minneapolis: Lerner Publications Company; 1998
  • Glorious Grasses: The Grains (Plants We Eat), Lerner Publications Company; 1998 (Buy this book)
  • Cool As a Cucumber, Hot As a Pepper: Fruit Vegetables (Plants We Eat), Lerner Publications Company; 1998 (Buy this book)
  • Stinky and Stringy: Stem & Bulb Vegetables, Minneapolis : Lerner Publications Co.1999.
  • Spill the Beans and Pass the Peanuts: Legumes (Plants We Eat), Lerner Publications Company; 1999 (Buy this book)
  • Yes, We Have Bananas: Fruits from Shrubs & Vines (Plants We Eat), Lerner Publications Company; 1999 (Buy this book)
  • Flavor Foods: Spices & Herbs (Plants We Eat), Lerner Publications Company; 2000 (Buy this book)
  • Tall and Tasty: Fruit Trees (Plants We Eat), Lerner Publications Company; 2000 (Buy this book)
  • Hard to Crack: Nut Trees (Plants We Eat), Lerner Publications Company; 2001 (Buy this book)
  • Green Power: Leaf & Flower Vegetables (Plants We Eat), Lerner Publications Company; 2001 (Buy this book)

Robert W. Hugins (Nepal 1984–86, Lesotho 1991–92)

Christopher Huh (Niger 1994–97)

Galen Spencer Hull (Malawi 1964–66)

  • Zaire, the Political Economy of Underdevelopment, with Guy Gran, Praeger, 1979 (Buy this book)
  • A Small Business Agenda: Trends in a Global Economy, University Press of America (Buy this book)
  • Small Businesses Trickling Up in Central and Eastern Europe, Garland, 1999 (Buy this book)
  • Crossing Cultures: Memoirs of a Travlin’ Man, BookSurge, 2006 (Buy this book)

Cameron Hume (Libya 1968-69)

  • The United Nations, Iran & Iraq: How Peacekeeping Changed, Indiana University Press, 1994

Eugene S. Hunn (Ethiopia 1964–66)

  • Tzeltal Folk Zoology: The Classification of Discontinuities in Nature, New York: Academic Press, 1977 (Buy this book)
  • Resource Managers: North American and Australian Hunter-gatherers, edited with Nancy M. Williams, Boulder, CO: Westview Press for the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1982
  • Birding in Seattle and King County: Site Guide and Annotted Lists, Seattle Audobon Society, 1983; 2003 (Buy this book)
  • Nch’I-Wana, the Big River: Mid-Columbia Indians and Their Land, with James Selam, University of Washington Press, 1991 (Buy this book)

Anthony Hunt (Nigeria 1963–65)

  • Genesis, Structure, and Meaning in Gary Snyder’s Mountains and Rivers Without End, University of Nevada Press, 2004 (Buy this book)

Perdita Huston (Staff: PC/W 1978–81, CD/Mali 1997–99, CD/Bulgaria 1999–2000)

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