B    (Be...   Bi...   Bo...   Bu...)

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Email Website

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EBBolles.com Blog

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  • Steal My Heart, Van Neste Books, 2000 (Buy this book) REVIEW
    * Winner of the 2001 Maria Thomas Fiction Award presented by Peace Corps Writers.
  • Voices From the Field: Reading and Writing About the World, Ourselves and Others, contributor, Washington: Peace Corps, 2002 (to download a PDF copy)
  • An American Affair, Texas Review Press, 2005 (Buy this book) REVIEW

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Interview TurkeyTravelPlanner.com

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    *RPCV Writers & Readers’ Paul Cowan Non-Fiction Award, 1994
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Patrick Burns (Moldova 2003–05)

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Charles E. Butler (Kenya 1983-85)

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Jacqueline Butler-Diaz (Thailand 1968-70)

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  • New Laos, New Challenges, (editor), Tempe, AZ: Program for Southeast Asian Studies, Arizona State University, 1998 (Buy this book)
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