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We have not received copies of the readings of those participants for whom there is no link.
Please send yours if so shown, so that it can become part of this archive.
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Vigil participants — if your name appears here but we do not have your reading, we would love to add it to this wonderful archive of service. Also photos of you at the Vigil, or during ypur PC service are welcome. Please send to John Coyne.

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Myrna J. Aavedal (Chile 1967–68)
Michael Abkin
Marsha L. Allen (Senegal 1984–86)
Nancy Amidei
Donna M. Anderson
Kathy Beckman
Diane Bendahmore
Carolyn LaDelle Bennett (Sierra Leone 1964–66)
Bob Bookman (Dominican Republic 1967–69)
Morton E. Braunstein (Philippines 1966–68)
George B Breznay (Ethiopia 1966–68)
Wendy Bronson (Thailand 1985–87)
E. Timothy Carroll
Marilyn L. Charles (Morocco 1962–64)
Melissa Chestnut-Tangerman (Kenya 1982–85)
Dan Close (Ethiopia 1966–68)
Sally Collier (Ethiopia 1962–64)
Bonnie Cow
Kathy Crosson
Kitty Danis
Jackie (McKee) Day (Turkey 1965–67)
Jill Diskan (Turkey 1964–66)
Patricia I. Eimerl (Ethiopia 1967–69)
Patricia Fesci
Arnold & Annette Finn (Philippines 1964–66)
Virginia Foley
Larry Foley
George Fredenberg, III (Ethiopia 1962–64)
     (read by his wife, Joanne Fredenberg)
Frances Fries
Betty Hite Graff (Ethiopia 1963–65)
Meredith Schroeder Green (Ecuador 1967–69)
Sandra M. Greenberg (Kenya 1966–68)
John Guerre
John Habiger
Mark Hankins
Patrick H. Hare (Honduras 1966–69)
Joe Hartlaub
Nedra Hartzell
Robert Scott Heavner (Sierra Leone 1969–71)
Helen Hildebrand (Tunisia 1966–68, Senegal 1973–75)
Ruth Hirsch (Niger 1976–78)
Paula M. Hirschoff (Kenya 1968–70)
Robert Warren Hugins (Nepal 1984–86)
Kirby Jones
Lynn Ralph Juhl (Malaysia 1966–69)
Pamela Kosswig Juhl (Malaysia 1966–69)
Jon Jungjohann
Dennis Kaltreider (Colombia 1964–66)
Karen Joan Keefer (Nigeria 1966–68)
Steven Keenan (Liberia 1963–65)
Raymond Bud Keith (Panama 1965–67)
Jennifer Keller (Costa Rica 1985–87)
Judith Kelly (Peru 1968–70)
Robert Kenison (Colombia 1963–65)
Jami Kirkpatrick
Neil G. Kotler (Ethiopia 1964–66)
Jonathan Kwitney
Jay J. Levy & Sharon Levy (Brazil 1966–68)
Letitia (Lettie) Morse Lladoc (Philippines 1964–66)
Mary Lou Jackson Malave
Mary Jane Manning (Lesotho 1976–78)
James H. McAuley (Honduras 1962–64)
Meredith McGehee
Donald Mooers
Sharon Moree
Eleanor Morgan
James Morris
Carolyn Mulford (Ethiopia 1962–64)
Mary Anne Newell (Malaysia 1965–68)
Beth Oprisch (Sierra Leone 1984–86)
Martha Dunlop Peterson (Sierra Leone 1982–84)
Stephen Pakulski
Jim Radloff (Dominican Republic 1963–65)
Gary Russell (Ecuador 1978–81)
Jean Schillaci
Karin Schumacher (Philippines 1968–70)
Kenneth Skach (Nepal 1984–86)
Reuben Snipper (El Salvador 1967–69)
Christine Snyder
Lauren Spiro
Dianna Stern (Senegal 1963-65) (nee Paviso)
Maury Sterns (Venezuelz 1962–64)
Elizabeth Swanson (Sierra Leone 1973–75)
William D. Valentine (Philippines 1968-70)
Linda Voss
Burl Wagenheim (Paraguay 1973–76)
Mary Lou Weathers (Benin 1980–83)
Dan Weinhoff
Dwight Wilson
Donald Yates (Philippines 1962–64)

Note: Additional readers will be added to this listing with each issue of Peace Corps Writers.

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