Recent books by Peace Corps writers: November 2008

by Karen Brody (Belize 1988–89)
184 pages
August 2008

Adam’s Belle
A Memoir of Love Without Bounds
by Isabel Washington Powell
with Joyce A. Burnett (Mauritania, Mali 1989–91)
DBM Press, LC
187 pages
June 2008

Humming the Blues
Inspired by Nin-Me-Sar-Ra, Enheduanna’s
Song to Inanna

by Cass Dalglish (Colombia 1967–68)
Calyx Books
90 pages
October 2008

Drinking From the Saucer
A Memoir
by Charlene Cecilia Duline (Peru 1962–64)
316 pages
April, 2008

The Cocheta Trilogy
by Jeffrey Austin Faust (Ukraine 2005–07)
182 pages
July 2008

Africa in Europe: Volume One
Antiquity into the Age of Global Exploration

by Stefan C. Goodwin (Nigeria 1965–67)
Lexington Books
241 pages
$29.95 (paper); $70.00 (cloth)
October 2008

Africa in Europe: Volume Two
Interdependencies, Relocations, and Globalization
by Stefan C. Goodwin (Nigeria 1965–67)
Lexington Books
441 pages
$38.95 (paper); $80.00 (cloth)
October 2008

Africa’s Legacies of Urbanization
Unfolding Saga of a Continent
by Stefan C. Goodwin (Nigeria 1965-67)
Lexington Books
528 pages
$47.95 (paperback)
November 2008

Holiday Stories All Year Round
Audience Participation Stories and More

by Violet Teresa deBarba Miller
contributor: Charles Kleymeyer (Peru 1966–68)
Libraries Unlimited
256 pages
October 2008

Gone Tomorrow
by P.F. Kluge (Micronesia 1967–69)
Overlook Press
286 pages
November 2008

Titanic’s Last Secrets
The Further Adventures of Shadow Divers John Chatterton and Richie Kohler

by Brad Matsen (Niue 1999–2000)
336 pages
October 2008

by Sandra Meek (Botswana 1989–91)
Tupelo Press
88 pages
November 2008

My African Horse Problem
by William F. S. Miles (Niger 1977–79)
University of Massachusetts Press
208 pages
November 2008

The Failing American Intervention and the Struggle for Afghanistan
by Nick B. Mills (Colombia 1965–66)
240 pages
August 2007

Hippie Chick
(young adult)
by Joseph Monninger (Burkina Faso 1975–77)
Front Street Publisher
204 pages
September 2008

Mindwalking 1937–2007
New and Selected Poems
by Edward Mycue (Ghana 1961)
Philos Press
68 pages

Ashanti Saga
The Fort

(children 9–12)
by Alice R. O’Grady (Ghana 1961-63; Nigeria Staff 1964-67)
90 pages
May 2008

The Race to Save the World’s Rarest Bird
The Discovery and Death of the Po’ouli
by Alvin Powell (Kenya 1983–85)
Stackpole Books
304 pages
March 2008

The 12-Step Bush Recovery Program
A Lifesaving Guide to Shaking Off the Horrors of the Last Eight Years, with Practical Advice on Relapse, Remission, and Recounts
by Gene Stone (Niger 1974–76)
Villard Books
124 pages
October 2008

Along the Grapevine Trail
Vineyards and Wineries in South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska
by Starley Talbott (South Africa 2001)
Pierre SD: State Historical Society Press
155 pages
August 2008

In These Latitudes
Ten Contemporary Poets

contributor: Tony Zurlo (Nigeria 1964–66)
edited by Robert Bonazzi
Wings Press
183 pages
November 2008

Wild Dreams
The Best of Italian Americana

edited by Carol Bonomo Albright and Joanna Clapps Herman
contributor: Tony Zurlo (Nigeria 1964–66)
Fordham University Press
September 2008
350 pages