Peace Corps Writers: Front page 11/08

Good News Is A’comin’
OUR PEACE CORPS WRITERS that we have been publishing since 1989 — in print through 1998 and on-line since 1999 — is moving to a new website — in January. Our publication will no longer be a bimonthly, but will publish news and information about Peace Corps writers, reviews of new RPCV books, essays by RPCVs, interviews with published writers and information on getting published as it becomes available.
     Here is a list of the columnists who will be featured on

  • Shlomo Bachrach – International Music and Horn of Africa Issues
  • Laurette Bennhold-Samaan – Bridging Cultures
  • Joshua Berman – Travel
  • Leo Cecchini – Money and Finance
  • Ralph Cherry – Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual issues
  • John Coyne – Writing Your Peace Corps Story
  • Karen DeWitt – International Cooking
  • Sharon Dirlam – Travel
  • Barbara Ferris – Non-Profits
  • Matt Losak – News from Washington
  • John McCafferty – Humor
  • Sandy Miller – Peace Corps Parents
  • Susan Musich – Jobs and Employment
  • Susan O’Neill – Humor
  • Doane Perry – Peace Corps Film
  • Mike Tidwell – Environmental Issues
  • Catherine Varchaver – Health

As we develop the site, we will add other columns and columnists of interest to Peace Corps writers.

Need holiday gift ideas?
How about books by Peace Corps writers! Check out our listings if children's books, books about the Peace Corps experience, and recently published books. We have links to buy them at Amazon, and Peace Corps Writers will receive a small percentage of each purchase to help support our efforts.

In this issue
We have a list of 21 new books and 6 reviews of recently published books all by Peace Corps writers . This issue also has three A Writer Writes pieces: the humorous “Eco-Bore Takes the Good Old Days Back to Tonga” by Tina Martin (Tonga 1970–71); the insightful “Drowning” by Chris Honore' (Colombia 1967–69); and the reflective “My Memories of Moritz” by Dennis Bangs (Ecuador 1970–72).
     Our “Talking With” interview is with Marcy L. Spaulding (Mali 2000–02) who wrote Dancing Trees and Crocodile Dreams: My Life in a West African Village, Marcy’s journals from two years as a PCV in Mali published in 2004.

John Coyne

A note from the publisher: Things have been a bit hectic for me lately as is exhibited by the lateness of this issue. The September issue also came out late and some of you may have missed it. If you did, you can catch up on what you missed at PCW–September 2008 and In this issue – September 2008.