Recent Book: January 2008

    The Butter Man
    (Children ages 4–8)
    by Elizabeth (Letts) Alalou and Ali Alalou, illustrated by Julie Klear Eskalli
    January 2008
    32 pages

    Adventures in Service with Peace Corps in Niger
    by James R. Bullington (staff: CD Niger 2000–06)
    December 2007
    232 pages

    The Konkans
    by Tony D’Souza (Cote d’Ivoire 2000–02; Madagascar 2002–03)
    Harcourt Publishers
    February 2008
    320 pages

    Psychodynamic Running
    The Complete, Definitive, Madman’s Guide to Distance Running and the Marathon
    by Ethan Gologor (Somalia 1962-64)
    Select Books
    February 2008
    224 pages

    Chicken Soup for the Soul Love Stories
    Stories of First Dates, Soul Mates, and Everlasting Love
    Paul Karrer (Western Samoa 1968–80), contributor
    December 2007
    320 pages

    A Little Peace
    (Children’s picture book: Ages 4–8)
    by Barbara Kerley (Nepal 1981-83)
    National Geographic
    32 pages
    May 2007

    The Old Lady of Vine Street
    The Valiant Fight for the Cincinnati Enquirer
    by Richard K. Mastain (staff: Nigeria 1965–67)
    Rooftop Publishing
    October 2007
    292 pages

    The Federal Government: The Legislative Branch
    Creating America’s Laws
    (Children ages 9–12)
    by Tony Zurlo (Nigeria 1962-64)
    March 2008
    128 pages