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November 2007

Recent books by Peace Corps writers

There are twenty-four new books by Peace Corps writers.

Literary Type

Of writers and books and other creative RPCVs

Talking with . . .

    John Coyne interviews Jason Sanford (Thailand 1994–96)


    Bunion Derby by Charles B. Kastner (Seychelles 1980-81) reviewed by Philip Damon (Ethiopia 1963–65)

    The Elephanta Suite by Paul Theroux (Malawi 1963–65) reviewed by John Woods (Ethiopia 1965–68)

    Mambila Remembered by John Bishop, Steve Clapp, Lowell Fewster, Harvey Flad and Roger Leed (all Nigeria 1963–65) reviewed by Kenneth C. Wylie (Sierra Leone 1961–63)

    The New York Postcard Sonnets by Philip Dacey (Nigeria 1963–65) reviewed by Mark Brazaitis (Guatemala 1991–93)

A Writer Writes


    An email from Brian Baxley (El Salvador 1976–78) requesting to be added to our mailing list pulls together Paul Bowles, Paul Theroux and the Peace Corps experience.

New at the site

  • Recently added to our Bibliography of Peace Corps Writers —
    • Sally Stout Cook (Tonga 1982–84)
    • Floyd B. Davis (Ethiopia 1963–65)
    • Tom Fleming (Uzbekistan 2003–05)
    • Jack Godwin (Gabon 1982–84)
    • Alan Gottlieb (Ecuador 1980–81)
    • Jarita Holbrook (Fiji 1988–91)
    • Bruce Hoppe (Nigeria 1966–67, Kenya 1967–  )
    • Kelly Morris (Togo 1968–72)
    • Chris O'Brien (Senegal 1995)
    • Ellen Sheeley (Western Samoa 1985–85)
    • Susan Shepler (Sierra Leone 1987–89)
  • Recently added to “We'll link you to our world”:
    • The blog of Nick and Jennie Demille (Kenya 2007–  )
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