Recent books by Peace Corps writers

From and To
Friends, Loves and Peace Corps

by Dolores Beasley (The Gambia 1983–85)
April 2007
250 pages

Literary Photographs
From the Mundane to the Sublime

by Gene Bellm (Colombia 1966–68)
May 2007
195 pages

Disturbance-Loving Species
(Short Stories)
by Peter Chilson (Niger 1985–87)
Houghton Mifflin Company: Mariner Books
August 2007
224 pages

by James A. Ciullo (Venezuela 1969-71)
Five Star Publisher
June 2007
375 pages

Mary Falls
Requiem for Mrs. Surratt

by Christopher Conlon (Botswana 1988–90)
The Word Works Capital Collection
July 2007
76 pages

Florida Bounty
A Celebration of Florida Cuisine and Culture
by Eric R. Jacobs (Ukraine 2005–07) and Sandra M. Jacobs (Ukraine 2005–07)
Pineapple Press
133 pages

Greetings From Planet Earth
(Ages 9–12)
Barbara Kerley (Nepal 1981–83)
Scholastic Press
April 2007
256 pages

All The Stars Came Out That Night
by Kevin King (Senegal 1968–70)
February 2007
432 pages

The Introductory Reader in Human Geography
Contemporary Debates and Classic Writings

edited by William G. Moseley (Mali 1987–89), with David A. Lanegran and Kavita Pandit
Blackwell Publishing Limited
April 2007
488 pages

A Hausa-English Dictionary
by Paul Newman (Nigeria 1961–63)
Yale University Press
July 2007
272 pages

Brevity and Echo
An Anthology of Short Short Stories

Robert Repino (Grenada 2000–02), contributor
Boston: Rose Metal Press
December 2006
168 pages

Igniting Student Potential
Teaching with the Brain's Natural Learning Process

by Angus M. Gunn, Robert W. Richburg (Nigeria 1963–65), and Rita Smilkstein
Corwin Press
December 2006
232 pages

African Odyssey
The Adventurous Journeys of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa

by Floyd R. Sandford (Nigeria 1964–66)
June 2007
170 pages

Becker's Farm
by William V. Timmons (Niger 1965–67)
ACW Press
August 2006
300 pages

85 Days in Cuba
A True Story about Friendship and Struggle
by Brandon L. Valentine (Jamaica 2000–03)
August 2006
264 pages