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January 2007

Recent books by Peace Corps writers

There are sixteen new books by Peace Corps writers.

Literary Type

Of writers and books and other creative RPCVs

Talking with . . .

    John Coyne interviews Daniel Jordan Smith (Sierra Leone 1984–86)


    Assumptions and Misunderstandings by Anne Bates Linden (Ukraine 1992–95)reviewed by Denis Nolan (Ethiopia 1964–66)

    A Chameleon’s Tale by Mo Tejani (Thailand 1978-1980) reviewed by John Bidwell (Mali 1989–91)

    A Culture of Corruption by Daniel Jordan Smith (Sierra Leone 1984-87) reviewed by David Strian (Nigeria 1963–65)

    Cures Include Travel by Susan Rich (Niger 1984–86) reviewed by Ann Neelon (Senegal 1978–79)

    Grains of Golden Sand by Delfi Messinger (Zaire (DRC) 1984–87) reviewed by Jan Worth-Nelson (Tonga 1976–78)

    Innocents Abroad by Jonathan Zimmerman (Nepal 1983–85) reviewed by David Espey (Morocco 1962–64)

    Night Blind by Jan Worth (Kingdom of Tonga 1976–78) reviewed by Sharon Dirlam (Russian Far East 1996–98)

    San Miguel de Allende and African Stiltdancer by Andrew H. Oerke (PC Staff: Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Jamaica 1966–71) reviewed by Tony Zurlo (Nigeria 1964–66)

A Writer Writes

    Monsoon Time in Tanga, Tanzania – October 2006” by Mark Hankins (Kenya 1983–87)

    Pursing Love, I Discovered the Peace Corps by John Krauskopf (Iran 1965–67)

    Poems by Tony Zurlo (Nigeria 1964–66)

New at the site

  • Recently added to our Bibliography of Peace Corps Writers:
    • John Amman (Sierra Leone 1979–82)
    • John Bishop (Nigeria 1963–65)
    • John J.S. Burton (Thailand 1965–67)
    • Steve Clapp (Nigeria 1963–65)
    • John R. Eggers (Uruguay 1965–67)
    • Lowell Fewster (Nigeria 1963–65)
    • Harvey Flad (Nigeria 1963–65)
    • Peggy Hackney (Ethiopia 1966–67)
    • Mark Hankins (Kenya 1983–87)
    • Roger Leed (Nigeria 1963–65)
    • Anne Bates Linden (Ukraine 1992–95)
    • Delfi Messinger (Zaire 1984–87)
    • Andrew T. Oliver (Nigeria 1966–68)
    • Jessica Rosen Redmond (Slovakia 00 – 02)
    • Guy Stewart (Sierra Leone 1968–70)
    • Mo Tejani (Thailand 1978–80)
    • Hank Wesselman (Nigeria 1964–66)
  • Two great opportunities for writers and scholars
  • Two new blogs from Moldova at “We'll Link You to Our World” from Peter Myers and Bradley Dakake.
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