Recent books by Peace Corps writers 11/06

    The Roaring Twenty:
    The First Cross-Country Air Race for Women

    (Children 9–12)
    by Margaret Blair (Thailand 1975–77)
    National Geographic
    February 2006
    112 pages

    Letters from the Prettiest Girl in Arvin
    by Rafaela G. Castro (Brazil 1964–66)
    Chusma House Publications
    September 2006
    162 pages

    Personal Stories of Grandeur, Challenge, and Hope

    edited by Richard C. Blum, Erica Stone
    and Broughton Coburn (Nepal 1973–75)
    National Geographic Books
    October 2006
    256 pages

    Artifacts of a Very Strange Mind
    17 stories and a novel, The Lair of Lilith

    by Rel Davis (Bulgaria 2001–03)
    360 pages

    Backyard Race Horse
    The Training Manual

    by Janet Del Castillo (Colombia 1964–66)
    Prediction Publications
    May 2006
    459 pages

    My Mother Can Beat Up Your Father
    by Danny G. Langdon (Ethiopia 1962–64)
    September 2006
    200 pages

    Quick and Easy Vietnamese
    75 Everyday Recipes

    by Nancie McDermott (Thailand 1975–78)
    Chronicle Books
    November 2005
    168 pages

    Two Ton
    One Fight, One Night,
    Tony Galento v. Joe Louis
    by Joseph Monninger (Burkina Faso 1975–77)
    Steerforth Press
    November 2006
    208 pages

    Value-Based Metrics for Improving Results
    An Enterprise Project Management Toolkit

    by Mel Schnapper (Nigeria 1965–67) and Steven Rollins
    J. Ross Publishing
    August 2006
    434 pages

    A Culture of Corruption
    Everyday Deception and Popular Discontent in Nigeria
    by Daniel Jordan Smith (Sierra Leone 1984–87)
    Princeton University Press
    November 2006
    260 pages

    The Watch
    by Gene Stone (Niger 1969–71)
    Harry N. Abrams Books
    October 2006
    255 pages

    Exploring the Bancroft Library
    The Centennial Guide to Its Extraordinary History, Spectacular Special Collections, Research Pleasures, Its Amazing Future, and How It All Works
    edited by Charles B.Faulhaber &
    Stephen Vincent (Nigeria 1965–67)
    Signature Books
    October 2006
    190 pages
    $39.95 cloth/ $29.95 paper  

    Living Abroad in Nicaragua
    by Randy Wood (Nicaragua 1998–2000)
    and Joshua Berman (Nicaragua 1998–2000)
    Moon Handbooks: Avalon Travel Publishing
    September 2006
    430 pages

    Night Blind
    by Jan Worth (Kingdom of Tonga 1976-78)
    iUniverse, $17.95
    278 pages
    September 2006

    Innocents Abroad
    American Teachers in the American Century

    by Jonathan Zimmerman (Nepal 1983–85)
    Harvard University Press
    October 2006
    300 pages