Recent books by Peace Corps writers 9/2006

    The Punishment of Virtue
    Inside Afghanistan After the Taliban

    by Sarah Chayes (Morocco 1984–86)
    Penguin Press
    August 2006
    400 pages

    Letters from Bulgaria
    An Older PCV Writes Back to the States
    by Rel Davis (Bulgaria 2001–03)
    Sloan-Davis Publishing
    August 2006
    233 pages

    Crossing Cultures
    Memoirs of a Travlin’ Man
    by Galen Spencer Hull (Malawi 1964-66)
    September 2006
    604 pages

    Landsberg’s Law
    A Journey of Discovery

    by Mark Landsberg (Iran 1964-66)
    Morris Publishing
    281 pages,

    Cures Include Travel
    by Susan Rich (Niger 1984–86)
    White Pine Press
    September 2006
    106 pages

    The 5 Secrets of Marriage from the Heart
    by Jack Rosenblum (Costa Rica 1962–64)
    and Corinne Dugas
    Tate Publishing
    July 2006
    168 pages

    The Ravaging Tide
    Strange Weather, Future Katrinas, and the Coming Death of America’s Coastal Cities

    by Mike Tidwell (Zaire 1985–87)
    Simon & Schuster
    September 2006
    196 pages

    Eats, Shoots & Leaves
    Why, Commas Really Do Make a Difference!
    (Ages 4–8)
    by Lynne Truss
    Illustrator Bonnie Timmons (Kenya 1976-78)
    Putnam Juvenile,
    July 2006
    32 pages

    From Binge to Blackout
    A Mother and Son Struggle with Teen Drinking
    by Chris Volkmann and
    Toren Volkmann (Paraguay 2003)
    New American Library Trade
    August 2006
    432 pages

    Soldiers in Hiding
    by Richard Wiley (Korea 1967-69)
    (new edition with preface by the author
    and introduction by Wole Soyinka)
    Winner of the 1987 PEN/Faulkner Award
    Hawthorne Rediscovery
    September 2006
    205 pages

    Syria in the News
    Past, Present, and Future
    (Middle East Nations in the News)
    (ages 9–12)
    by Tony Zurlo (Nigeria 1964–66)
    Enslow Publishers
    September 2006
    128 pages