Recent books by Peace Corps writers — 7/2006

How the Plumber Saved Civilization
by W. Hodding Carter (Kenya 1984–86)
May 2006
256 pages

Changing the Face of Hunger
The Story of How Liberals, Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, and People of Faith are Joining Forces in a New Movement to Help the Hungry, the Poor, and the Oppressed
by Tony Hall (Thailand 1966–68)
with Tom Price
W Publishing Group,
April 2006
192 pages

Monique and the Mango Rains
Two Years with a Midwife in Mali
by Kris Holloway (Mali 1989–91)
Waveland Press
July 2006
240 pages

Kids Like Me
Voices of the Immigrant Experience
by Judith M. Blohm (Liberia) and Terri Lapinsky (Gabon)
Intercultural Press
March 2006
296 pages

Westbound Freight
by John Michael Flynn (Moldova 1993–95)
Pudding House Publications
April 2006

Living the Dream
Sailing the South Pacific and Southeast Asia

by Vern and Connie Madison (staff/Malaysia)
368 pages

Proof Positive
by Phillip Margolin (Liberia 1965–67)
June 2006
320 pages
$ 25.95

The After-Death Room
Journey Into Spiritual Activism
by Michael McColly (Senegal 1981–83)
Soft Skull Press
June 2006
288 pages

Taking Sides
Clashing Views on African Issues
(2nd edition)
edited by William G. Moseley (Mali 1987–89)
Dubuque, Iowa: McGraw-Hill
May 2006
404 pages

A Land Without Time
A Peace Corps Volunteer in Afghanistan
by John Sumser (Afghanistan 1977–78)
Chicago: Academy Chicago Publishers
June 2006
205 pages

River of No Reprieve
Descending Siberia’s Waterway of Exile, Death, and Destiny
by Jeffrey Tayler (Morocco 1988–90; PC/Staff Poland 1992, Uzbekistan 1992–93)
Houghton Mifflin
June 2006
230 pages

Ginseng, the Divine Root
The Curious History of the Plant That Captivated the World
by David A. Taylor (Mauritania 1983–85)
Algonquin Press,
June 2006
308 pages