Several weeks ago we received this email from a non-RPCV who had discovered our site.

    Dear Sir:

    I read the article you printed on your website written by the Peace Corps Volunteer Andy Tricia who was in Romania in 2002. It was so personal and true I knew it was real, word for word. I felt the heartfelt gratitude of the Romanian man who asked Andy to check on his brother’s family in the United States.
         The description of the Romanian family and living conditions in this man’s house, and the conditions in the whole village were heart wrenching to say the least. Most Americans have never seen this type of life. Most Americans do not know how the people of the world actually live ever day of their lives. But Andy gave this man and this village something they never expected to see, someone who would actually help them the best he could; someone who wanted nothing in return.
         I served two tours in Vietnam, and to this day still vividly remember the living conditions of the people. I also remember the American soldiers and their lack of sympathy, and lack of empathy towards these people.
         I became ashamed of my own people for the way some of our soldiers treated the Vietnamese, especially the way they treated the children. I could tell you of things best forgotten; things I saw overseas. It was terrible then, and what happened there still haunts me.
         Today I am trying to find an organization that will help me give back to people in need. When I read Andy’s story on your website, it just clinched the unspoken hope I have had in my mind for so very long.
         I turned 59 the other day and I sent in my application to join the Peace Corps. I can teach English to the children and adults who want to learn. I can do HIV/AID education. I can work with kids. I can plant trees or build fish ponds. I can do it for them, and I can do it for myself. 
         Thank you for telling Andy’s story of his life in Romania. Someday I hope you will be able to tell my story, tell of my time in the Peace Corps.
         Thank you so much,