Recent books by Peace Corps writers 1/2006

Art Recipes
(in English and Ukranian; children’s book)
by Alice Brew (Ukraine 2003–05)
photographs by Andrew Hamilton
(Ukraine 2002–04)
Brew Productions
45 pages
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Vital Contact
Downclassing Journeys in American Literature from Melville to Richard Wright
by Patrick Chura (Lithuania 1992–94)
September 2005
240 pages

The Heroic Discovery of the Abyss

by Brad Matsen (Niue 1999–2000)
April 2005
304 pages

Go Wild in New York City
(children’s book: ages 9–12)
by Brad Matsen (Niue 1999–2000)
illustrated by Paul Corio and Kate Lake
National Geographic Children’s Books
February 2005
80 pages

A Novel

by Diane Skelly Ponasik (Morocco 1965–67)
January, 2006
428 pages

The Night of the Lunar Eclipse
by Margaret Szumowski (Zaire 1973–74; Ethiopia 1974–75)
Tupelo Press
September 2005
103 pages
$ 16.95

We Wait for You
Unheard Voices from Post-Communist Romania
(Peace Corps experience)
by Annabelle Townson (Romania 2001–03)
Hamilton Books
December 2005
180 pages
$ 28.00

Girls of A Tender Age
A Memoir

by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith (Cameroon 1965–67)
Free Press
December 2005
304 pages

The Heart of the Lion
(Children’s Book, Ages 6-10)
by Pete Watson (Dahomey/Benin 1972–76)
illustrated by Mary Watson
Shenanigan Books
June 2005
32 pages