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You have seen many Volunteers over the years. What makes a good Volunteer in your estimation? And can you mention some individuals who served in Morocco and why you think they were such good Volunteers?
A good Volunteer isn’t only someone who builds a bridge or leaves behind a quantitative project. A good Volunteer is someone who joins the Peace Corps with the understanding of making a little difference with respect of host country people, culture and life style, a willingness to learn, build on the impact the past Volunteers have made, and take home a positive experience to share with his/her family, friends, and peers.
     I consider Peace Corps Volunteers as permanent Goodwill Ambassadors for peace. My memory is running short, but I remember some Volunteers who were special.
     Jason Ben Meir, who served as a PCV in late 1990s as an Environment Program Manager. Later he went to Harvard University and now heads the High Atlas Foundation he founded with other RPCVs and other Moroccans. The foundation funds small projects, particularly fruit tree planting as an income generator for the villagers and a reforestation activity for the area he served in.
     Joe Kitts who served in the early 1990s. He speaks Moroccan Arabic better than some Moroccans of different ethnic groups, and has demonstrated an excellent cultural integration. Liz McLintock who extended and revisited the country several times, and also coached and founded one of the first girl-basketball teams in country. Mark Peterson who came back to work with AMIDEAST and runs workshops in Moroccan Arabic. Sam Werberg was a PCV who adapted very well to the local culture and who served here in 2000. He is now a foreign Service official in one of the Middle Eastern countries.
     I am sure I forgot many other names who left a big impact on us as staff and also on the people they served. Almost all Volunteers who served in Morocco have planted seeds of change and given America and Americans much to be proud of.
How are you involved with PeaceWorks, the Morocco PCV Newsletter?
I am the coordinator for PeaceWorks. The crew is composed of three to four PCVs from different groups and representing almost all four sectors. The Volunteers get together on a weekend every three months, review and edit all submissions. It’s been produced for over 18 years now.
Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about the Peace Corps Program in Morocco?
Well, thank you for this interview. Here are some basic facts and contact points for our program and Volunteers, past and present.
     And thank you and Marian Beil for your work with Peace Corps Writers. I, for one, look forward to every issue. It is a great additional to the Peace Corps world. You and Marian have really fulfilled the Third Goal of the Peace Corps. I know all RPCVs appreciate the work you and the other writers have done for the Peace Corps. Thank you.


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