Recent books by Peace Corps writers — July 2005

Playing War
(Children, grades 2–6)
by Kathy Beckwith (India 1968–71)
Lea Lyons, illustrator
Tilbury House
May 2005
32 pages

The Sand Castle:
Blockade Running and the Battle of
Fort Fisher
(Young Adult)
by Margaret Whitman Blair (Thailand 1975–77)
Shippensburg, Pa.: White Mane Publishing
June 2005
187 pages

The Chinese Laundry
A Novel of the San Juan Mountains

by Robert B. Boeder (Malawi 1965–66)
Fayetteville, NC: Old Mountain Press
247 pages
$12.95 + $3.50 s&h

There Comes A Time
by Terry Campbell (Tanzania 1985–87, Dominican Republic 1989–92; Crisis Corps El Salvador 2001–02)
self published
136 pages

Fresh California Oranges and Other True Life Stories
edited by Frances Lief Neer
Don Christians (PC Staff/Ethiopia 1967–69, Dominican Republic 1970–72), contributor
Paul Karrer (Western.Samoa 1978–80), contributor
Trafford Publishing
295 pages
(Buy from Trafford)

Uzbekistan: A Short Road Traveled
My Peace Corps Experience, 2001
by William C. Duncan (Uzbekistan 2001)
Artifactman Publishing
April 2005
121 pages

A Dozen Lemons in Autotropolis
by John Flynn
Pudding House Publications (
27 pages

Texas Hold 'Em
How I Was Born in a Manger, Died in the Saddle, and Came Back as a Horny Toad

by Kinky Friedman (Borneo 1967–69)
St. Martins Press
June 2005
240 pages

Around the World in 857 Days
(Peace Corps experience book)
by Edward Gibney (Ukraine 2003–05)
208 pages
(Buy from Lulu)

The Life of Arnold Schwarzenegger
by Laurence Leamer (Nepal 1964–66)
St. Martin's Press
June 2005
432 pages

A Novel
by Paule Constant
translated by Margot Miller (Niger 1972–74)
Lexington Books
June 2005
208 pages
$60.00 cloth; $16.00 paper

The Christmas Contest
(Children’s Book)
by Virginia Mekkelson (Ethiopia 1968–70)
writing as Valentina Gilbert
Mekkelson Books
September 2004
83 pages

Five Days in Philadelphia
The Amazing “We Want Willkie!” Convention of 1940 and How It Freed FDR to Save the Western World

by Charles Peters (PC/W Staff 1961–67)
June 2005
274 pages

Italy, A Love Story
Women Write About the Italian Experience
edited by Camille Cusumano
Terez Rose (Gabon 1985–87), contributor
Seal Press
343 pages
June 2005

Apollonius of Tyana and the Shroud of Turin
by Robert Russell (Ethiopia 1963–65)
writing under the name Rob Solarion
June 2005
552 pages

The Bora-Bora Dress
(Children 4–8)
by Carole Lexa Schaeffer (Micronesia 1967–69)
Catherine Stock, illustrator
July 2005
32 pages

Last Moon Dancing
A Memoir of Love and Real Life in Africa
(Peace Corps experience book)
by Monique Maria Schmidt (Benin 1998–2000)
Clover Park Press
May 2005
240 pages

The Best Worst Brother
(Children's picture book)
by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen (Tanzania 198991)
Charlotte Fremau, illustrator
Woodbine House
June 2005
32 pages

by Carlos Wark (Ecuador 1984–86)
(Peace Corps experience book)
142 pages

Priority One
by Bryant Wieneke (Niger 1974–76)
220 pages
May 2005

(Modern Nations of the World series)
by Tony Zurlo
Lucent Books
May 2005
112 pages