Recent Books by Peace Corps Writers – November 2004

A Matter of Choice
25 People Who Have Transformed Their Lives

edited by Joan Chatfield-Taylor
Contributor: Bonnie Lee Black (Gabon 1996–98)
Seal Press
November 2004
240 pages

The Mystery of Max Schmitt
Poems on the Life and Work of Thomas Eakins

by Philip Dacey (Nigeria 1964–66)
Turning Point Press
October 2004
96 pages
Winner of the 2003 Turning Point Poetry Prize

'Scuse Me While I Whip This Out
Reflections on Country Singers, Presidents, and Other Troublemakers
by Kinky Friedman (Borneo 1967–69)
William Morrow
September 2004
208 pages

Walt Whitman
Words for America
(Children 9–12)
by Barbara Kerley (Nepal 1981–83) and Brian Selznick, illustrator
Scholastic Press
October 2004
56 pages

Our Secret
Siri Aang
(Children 9–12)
by Cristina Kessler (Honduras 1973–75, Kenya 1975–76, Seychelles 1976–78)
Philomel Books
October 2004
218 pages

Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader
North Korea and the Kim Dynasty

by Bradley K. Martin (Thailand)
Thomas Dunne Books
October 2004
880 pages

Thirty Years of Anhinga Poets

by Rick Campbell & C. L. Knight
Anne Neelon (Senegal 1978–79) contributor
Anhinga Press
April 2004
466 pages

Uncommon Journeys
Peace Corps Adventures Across Cultures
edited by Roger B. Hirschland (Sierra Leone 1966–67)
Peace Corps/World Wise Schools
October 2004
190 pages

The Shortest Way Home
by Elaine Reidy (Dominican Republic 1963–65)
September 2004
380 pages

Migrants & Stowaways
An Anthology of Journeys
edited by Emily Dziuban, Kristin Robertson
Contributor: Terez Rose (Gabon 1985–87)
Knoxville Writers' Guild, $14.95
272 pages
September 2004

Oakland's Chinatown
by William Wong (Philippines 1964–68)
Arcadia Publishing,
November 2004
128 pages

The Captured
A True Story of Abduction by Indians on the Texas Frontier
by Scott Zesch (Kenya 1982–84)
St. Martin’s Press
November 2004
362 pages