Recent books by Peace Corps Writers 1/2004

    The Road to Makokota
    by Stephen Barnett (Sierra Leone 1976–78)
    January 2004
    202 pages

    Women Who Eat
    A New Generation on the Glory of Food
    edited by Leslie Miller
    Christine Basham (Thailand) [contributor]
    Seal Press
    November 2003
    296 pages

    Wild East
    Stories from the Last Frontier
    edited by Boris Fishman
    Tom Bissell (Uzbekistan 1996–97) [contributor]
    Justin, Charles and Company
    October 2003
    304 pages

    Memories of Sun
    Stories of Africa and America

    (children’s book)
    edited by Jane Kurtz
    Lindsey Clark (Morocco 2002–03) and Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen (Tanzania 1989–90) [contributors]
    Amistad Press
    December 2003
    272 pages

    The Structure of English for Readers, Writers, and Teachers
    by Mary Morris Clark (Nigeria 1963–65)
    College Pub.
    February 2003
    313 pages

    The Silver Farmer
    by Christopher Conlon (Botswana 1988–90)
    Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry
    11 pages
    Chapbook available as PDF at

    Koans for the Inner Dog
    A Guide to Canine Enlightenment
    by LLyn De Danaan [formerly Lynn Patterson] (Sarawak, Malaysia, 1962–64)
    Hypathia-in-the -Woods Press
    October, 2003
    80 pages

    Unrooted Childhoods
    Memoirs of Growing Up Global
    edited by Faith Eidse and Nina Sichel
    Eileen Drew (Zaire 1979–81) [contributor]
    Nicholas Brealey, pub.
    January, 2004
    318 pages

    The Taos Massacres
    by John Durand (Philippines 1962–64)
    Puzzlebox Press
    October, 2003
    271 pages

    Pilgrimage of the Heart
    A Hero’s Journey of Love And Philanthropy

    by Maggie Finefrock (Nepal 1982–85)
    (writing as Maya Namarnus)
    The Learning Project Press,
    108 pages

    A Handful of Kings
    by Mark Jacobs (Paraguay 1978–80)
    Simon & Schuster
    February, 2004
    288 pages

    Open My Eyes, Open My Soul
    Celebrating Our Common Humanity
    edited by Yolanda King and Elodia Tate
    Paul Karrer (Western Samoa 1978–80) [contriutor]
    December, 2003
    224 pages

    Informational Text in K–3 Classrooms
    Helping Children Read and Write
    by Sharon Benge Kletzien (Tunisia 1964–66) and Miriam Jean Dreher
    International Reading Association
    December 2003
    168 pages

    Hyenas Laughed at Me and Now I Know Why
    The Best of Travel Humor and Misadventure
    edited by Sean O'Reilly, Larry Habegger and James O'Reilly
    Kendra Lachniet (Paraguay 1992–94) [contributor]
    Travelers' Tales Inc
    November 203
    232 pages

    Landscape as Spirit
    Creating a Comtemplative Garden

    by Martin Hakubai Mosko (India 1965–67) and Alxe Noden
    October 2003
    176 pages

    Moon Handbooks
    (5th edition)
    (3rd edition)
    by Robert Nilsen (Korea 1974–76)
    Avalon Travel Publishing
    December, 2003
    400 pages

    South Korea
    Moon Handbooks
    (3rd edition)
    by Robert Nilsen (Korea 1974–76)
    Avalon Travel Publishing
    January, 2004
    860 pages

    Violence in War and Peace
    An Anthology
    edited by Nancy Scheper-Hughes (Brazil 1964–66)
    & Philippe Bourgois
    Blackwell Publishing
    496 pages
    December 2003
    $69.95 (hardback), $34.95 (paperback)

    The Stranger at the Palazzo D'Oro and other Stories
    by Paul Theroux (Malawi 1963–65)
    Houghton Mifflin Company
    January 2004
    296 pages

    Hold Your Horses
    Nuggest of Truth for People Who Love Horses . . . No Matter What
    by Bonnie Timmons (Kenya 1975–78)
    Workman Publishing Co.
    May 2003
    117 pages

    (Nations in Transition series)
    by Tony Zurlo (Nigeria 1964–66)
    San Diego: Greenhaven Press
    December 2003
    112 pages