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January 2004

Recent books by Peace Corps writers

There are twenty-one new books by Peace Corps writers noted in this issue.

Literary Type

Of writers and books

Talking with . . .

    Editor John Coyne interviewed Mark Jacobs (Paraguay 1978–80)


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The Curse of Chief of Chief Tenaya by Craig Carrozzi (Colombia 1978–80) reviewed by W. Tucker Clark (Nepal 1967–70)

For the Good of Mankind by Jack Niedenthal (Marshall Islands 1981–84) reviewed by Nick Wreden (Korea 1974–76)

Shadow over Fiji by Barbara Restle (Fiji 1979–80) reviewed by Jim Jackson (India 1965–67)

Soon Come by D. J. [Don and Joyce] Arneson (Jamaica 1989) reviewed by Joe Kovacs (Sri Lanka 1997–98)

The Taos Masacres by John Durand (Philippines 1962–64) reviewed Craig Carrozzi (Colombia 1978–80)

A letter from Guinea

Heat induces some Seinfeld-like days for Hilary Heuler (Guinea 2001–03).

A Volunteer’s life — Romania

Andy Trincia (2002–  ) will always remember some unforgettable faces.

A Writer Writes


Travel Right Recommends

New at the site

  • Tell Me about the World”: Children’s books about Peace Corps Countries by Peace Corps Writers
  • For writers:
  • The Journals of Peace:
    Readings given Monday, November 21, 1988 between 8 and 9 pm by:
    • Sally Collier (Ethiopia 1962–64)
    • Robert S. Kenison (Colombia 1963–65)
    • William D. Valentine (Philippines 1968-70)
  • Recently added to our “Bibliography of Peace Corps Writers”:
    • Stephen Barnett (Sierra Leone 1976–78)
    • Christine Basham (Thailand)
    • Lindsey Clark (Morocco 2002–03)
    • Mary Morris Clark (Nigeria 1963–65)
    • Martha Cooper (Thailand 1963–65)
    • Llyn DeDanaan (Malaysia 1962–64)
    • John Durand (Philippines 1962–64)
    • Maggie Finefrock (Nepal 1982–85)
    • Robert B. Graham (Micronesia 1969–71)
    • Elfie Hinterkopf (India 1965–67)
    • Sharon Benge Kletzien (Tunisia 1964–66)
    • Donald J. Leu (Marshall Islands 1969–71)
    • Baker H. Morrow (Somalia 1968–69)
    • Fred Morton (Nigeria 1964–65)
    • Martin Hakubai Mosko (India 1965–67)
    • David J. Nemeth (Korea 1972–74)
    • Ronald A. Schwarz (Colombia 1961–63)
    • William V. Timmons (Niger 1965–67)
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