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July 2003
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Recent books by Peace Corps writers

There are eighteen new books by Peace Corps writers noted in this issue.

Literary Type

Of writers and books

Talking with . . .

    Editor John Coyne interviewed Karl Luntta (Botswana 1977–80)


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    Gilbert & Garbo In Love: A Romance in Poems by Christopher Conlon (Botswana 1988–90) reviewed by Tony Zurlo (Nigeria 1964–65)

    Halcyon Daze by Palmer Owyoung (Namibia 1993–95) reviewed by Joe Kovacs (Sri Lanka 1997–98)

    The Impenetrable Forest by Thor Hanson (Uganda 1993–95) reviewed by Martha Martin (Costa Rica 1979–81)

    Know It by Heart by Karl Luntta (Botswana 1977–80) reviewed by Margaret Szumowski (Zaire, 1973–74; Ethiopia, 1974–75)

    Mortals by Norman Rush (Botswana Country Director 1978–83) reviewed by Richard Wiley (Korea 1967–69)

A letter from Niger

Tom Kelly (1986–88) compared paths in his town and Harvard yard.

A Volunteer’s life — Romania

Andy Trincia contemplates vampires and their potential economic impact.

A Writer Writes


To Preserve and to Learn


New at the site

  • The Journals of Peace: Readings given Monday, November 21, 1988 between 5 and 6 pm. Readings by:
    • Dan Close (Ethiopia 1966–68)
    • Jill Diskan (Turkey 1964–66)
    • Betty Hite Graff (Ethiopia 1963–65)
    • Meredith Schroeder Green (Ecuador 1967–69)
    • Robert Scott Heavner (Sierra Leone 1969–71)
    • Jennifer Keller (Costa Rica 1985–87)
    • Judith Kelly (Peru 1968–70)
    • Neil G. Kotler (Ethiopia 1964–66)
    • Jay J. Levy & Sharon Levy (Brazil 1966–68)
    • Letitia Morse Lladoc (Philippines 1964–66)
    • James H. McAuley (Honduras 1962–64)
  • New additions to our “Bibliography of Peace Corps Writers”:
    • Blaine L. Comeaux (Thailand 1997–99)
    • Anthony Glavin (Costa Rica 1968–70)
    • Stefan C. Goodwin (Nigeria 1965–67)
    • Angela Gustafson (Dominican Republic 1994–96)
    • Paula M. Hirschoff (Kenya 1968–70)
    • E. Thomas Hughes (Iran 1968–69)
    • Meredith Sayles Hughes (Iran 1968–69)
    • John C. Kennedy (Ghana 1965–68)
    • Mary Cameron Kilgour (Philippines 1962–64)
    • Neil Kotler (Ethiopia 1964–66)
    • Gary W. Peterson (Nigeria 1963–65)
    • Richard K. Priebe (Nigeria 1964–66)
    • Kevin Quigley (Thailand 1976–79)
    • David J. Rosen (Nigeria 1966–67, Liberia 1967–69)
    • David S. Seeley (Staff: Nigeria 1961–62)
    • Thomas H. Seiler (Nigeria 1961–63)
    • Howard S.G. Swann (Nigeria 1961–63)
    • Don Wilsun (Morocco)
    • Albert S. Woodhull (Nigeria 1965–67)
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