Recent books by Peace Corps writers
March 2003

    Soon Come
    by D.J. (Don and Joyce) Arneson (Jamaica 1989)
    424 pages

    Heart of Forgiveness
    A Practical Path to Healing
    by Madeline Ko-I Bastis (Ethiopia 1962–64)
    Red Wheel/Weiser
    February, 2003
    107 pages

    Peace Corps Pioneer
    Or “The Perils of Pauline”
    by Pauline Birky-Kreutzer (Pakistan Staff 1961–63)
    Prairie Publications
         685B S La Posada Cir, Unit 2201
         Green Valley, AZ 85614
    376 pages

    Uncle John's Necessary Numbers
    An Everyday Guide to Sizes, Measures, and More
    (Bathroom Reader Series)
    by Mary Blocksma (Nigeria 1965–67)
    Portable Press, $12.00
    258 pages

    Desert Dawn
    by Waris Dirie and Jeanne D'Haem (Somalia 1968–70)
    England: Virago Press
    February, 2003
    226 pages

    Chicken Soup for The Mother & Daughter Soul
    Stories to Warm the Heart and Honor the Relationship
    edited by Jack Canfield
    contributor: Paul Karrer (Western Samoa 1978–80)
    Health Communication
    March, 2003
    384 pages

    The Emergence of African American Culture
    by Howard Dodson (Ecuador 1964–66)
    Washington: National Geographic Books
    February, 2003
    224 pages

    The House of the Scorpion
    (young adult novel)
    (National Book Award winner, Newbery Honor Book)
    by Nancy Farmer (India 1963–65)
    September 2002
    400 pages

    Waking Up in Nashville
    by Stephen Foehr (Ethiopia 1965–66)
    Sanctuary Publisher, Ltd
    March, 2003
    272 pages

    Letters from Afghanistan
    (Peace Corps experience)
    by Eloise Hanner (Afghanistan 1971–73, Paraguay 1999–2000)
    Branden Publisheing Co.
    February, 2003
    176 pages

    The Ordeal of the African Writer
    by Charles R. Larson (Nigeria 1962–64)
    Zed Books
    192 pages

    Dolley Madison
    Her Life, Letters, and Legacy
    co-authored by David B. Maattern (Mali 1976–78) and Holly Shulman
    New York: Powerkids Press
    September, 2002
    112 pages

    by Jerry D. Mohrlang (Malaysia 1965–67)
    July, 2002
    352 pages

    Halcyon Daze
    by Palmer Owyoung (Namibia 1993–95)
    Village Market Press
    February, 2003
    236 pages

    Yakabou Must Choose
    by Dennis Perry (Benin 1972–74)
    Chicago Spectrum Press
    142 pages

    Bruce Grit
    The Black Nationalist Writings of John Edward Bruce
    by William Seraile (Ethiopia 1963–65)
    The University of Tennessee Press
    January, 2003
    280 pages

    Tongue Tied
    A Donald Strachey Mystery
    by Richard Stevenson
    aka Richard Lipez (Ethiopia 1962–64)
    New York: St. Martins Press
    March 2003
    208 pages

    She's Not There
    by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith (Cameroon 1965–67)
    Henry Holt & Co.
    February, 2003
    317 pages

    Leaving the House of Ghosts:
    Cambodian Refugees in the Midwest
    by Sarah Streed (Morocco 1984–86)
    McFarland & Company
    August, 2002
    223 pages

    Dark Star Safari
    Overland from Cairo to Cape Town
    by Paul Theroux (Malawi 1963–65)
    Houghton Mifflin
    March, 2003
    496 pages

    Bayou Farewell
    The Rich Life and Tragic Death of Louisiana’s Cajun Coast
    by Mike Tidwell (Zaire 1985–87)
    Pantheon Books
    March 2003
    336 pages

    The Japanese Americans
    (Immigrants in America)
    (children's nonfiction)
    by Tony Zurlo (Nigeria 1964–66)
    Lucent Books
    January 2003
    112 pages