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Songs from Africa
by David Kendall Grant (Chad 1990-92)
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Sea. Sky and Ground

During my time in Chad we were evacuated from the country twice, and those of us in N’Djamena were removed to “safe houses” several times during the Gulf War and in response to various movements of factions in the City of Rumors.

The fields are burning
As we leave you behind
In your desert, dust devils
Spin to the heights

From a landcruiser
Watching you wave goodbye
Hiding our hearts till our return from the sky

Never wanted to go
Never wanted to stay
Such a long way from
N'Djamena to LA

RPG's and Gunships
Cruise like sharks down below
Gala upon gala upon gala upon gala upon gala upon gala
At the Etoile

Roll of bed at gunfire
Crawl to the door
You don't need to be here
If you leave I won't see you no more

Never wanted to go
I only wanted to stay
Dusty roads of N'Djamena
Were like my hills of LA

Roads are all I have found
That leads me to you
Sea, sky and ground
Sea, sky and ground

Feel my heart pound
What was lost, now is found
Sea, sky and ground

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