Recent books by Peace Corps writers 11/02

    Moving Target
         A Memoir of Pursuit
    by Ron Arias (Peru 1963–64)
    Bilingual Press
         Hispanic Research Center, Arizona State University
    December, 2002
    363 pages

    Moon Handbooks Nicaragua
    by Joshua Berman (Nicaragua 1998–2000) and Randy Wood (Nicaragua 1998–2000)
    Avalon Travel Publishing
    December 2002
    427 pages

    My Father's Ghost
         The Return of My Old Man and Other Second Chances,
    by Suzy McKee Charnas (Nigeria 1961–63)
    J. P. Tarcher
    September 2002
    306 pages

    Protecting the American Homeland:
         Preliminary Analysis
    edited by Michael E. O’Hanlon; I. Mac Destler (Nigeria 1961–63), contributor.
    The Brookings Institution
    April 2002
    188 pages

    How the Water Feels
    by Paul Eggers (Malaysia 1976–78)
    Southern Methodist University Press
    October, 2002
    266 pages

    Something Grand
    (Short Stories)
    by John Flynn (Moldova 1993–95)
    Be Move Press
    October 2002
    117 pages

    Mighty Fine Words and Smashing Expressions
         Making Sense of Transatlantic English

    by Orin Hargraves (Morocco 1980–82)
    Oxford University Press
    November, 2002
    320 pages

    High Impact Resumes and Letters
         How to Communicate Your Qualifications to Employers
    (8th edition)
    by Ronald L. Krannich (Thailand) and William J. Banis
    Simon & Schuster, September 2002
    224 pages

         Beyond our Greatest Notions
    by Chris Matthews (Swaziland 1968–70)
    Free Press,
    October 2002
    265 pages

    by Mark T. Sullivan (Central African Republic 1983-85)
    Atria/Simon & Schuster,
    August, 2002
    320 pages

    Nations in Transition series – Young adult)
    by Tony Zurlo (Nigeria 1964–66)
    Greenhaven Press
    August, 2002
    200 pages