Rahiel is IN Carnival

Rahiel says: These “Wizard Babes” are PCVs and yes, we are masquerading in a Carnival, yes, like a [pre-Lent] Mardi Gras. Here in St Vincent, they changed their “Mardi Gras” to July so as not to compete with all the countries who keep that [pre-Lent] date. That way they can maximize tourism. Most Caribbean countries stagger their carnivals now, for that reason.
     The “Wizard Babes” won best costume and best performance on stage. You cross the stage to get judged. We were the largest number of PCVs ever to participate in the carnival in the history of the country. There were seven of us “playing mas” — as they call it — in the Carnival.

     I am the one on the left, hand on head, holding headpiece. Then there is Lisa Corner, Miriam Baigorri, Danielle Pack and Jennifer (JJ) DiBella, all SVG* PCVs. There were two other houseguests who played mas with us. One of our fellow PCVs nearly took the Calypso Queen crown that year, only losing by one point. She was second.

*Remember that from the previous page? Yep — SVG = St. Vincent and the Grenadines


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