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September 2002
Talking with . . .
    Editor John Coyne interviewed children’s book author Barbara Kerley (Nepal 1981–83).

A Writer Writes


Readings from The 40+ 1

    Rahiel Elaine Housey (St. Vincent and St. Lucia 1998–99) remembers the West Indies.

Literary Type


Recent books by Peace Corps writers

Click on any book cover and go to Amazon to order it.

    There are ten new books by Peace Corps writers noted in this issue.

Letters from . . .

    Botswana from Barbara Knowles (Botswana 1981–83)

To Preserve and to Learn


A Peace Corps writer remembered


Fishtrap RPCV writers workshop 9/2002

    Photos by Tim Turner (Senegal 1977–80) and Donna Statler

New at the site

    We'll link you to our world.
    There are new links for Armenia (Lindsey Smith and Tony White), Chad (David Kendall Grant) and St. Vincent and the Grenadines (Rahiel Elaine Housey).

    Readings by RPCV writers continue —
    There is a reading scheduled for Ithaca, New York, October 24th.

    Back issue of RPCV Writers
    October, 1989
    Articles include: Finding an agent; Talking with Tim McLaurin; reviews of Frequent Flyer and Time Out; poems by Tony Zurlo, Tom Hebert and Edward Mycue; and a remembrance of Maria Thomas who died in a plane crash in Ethiopia.

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