Literary Type — July 2002

    Mark Jacobs ( Paraguay 1978–80) has sold his next novel, A Handful of Kings to Simon and Schuster. Legendary editor-in-chief Michael Korda will edit the book which will be published next summer.
         Mark is the author of critically acclaimed novel Stone Cowboy and his writing has been compared to that of Graham Greene and Robert Stone. A long-time foreign service officer, he has served in Spain and Paraguay, among other countries.
         A Handful of Kings
    is about an American diplomat, Vicky Sorrell, who is ready to change her life. She’s leaving the Foreign Service and her lover at the same time. But before she departs the U.S. Embassy in Madrid for home, a well-known American writer shows up with a strange request. Vicky knows that what J.J. Baines really wants from her is not the same thing that he’s asking for, but curiosity leads her to play along, and soon she’s drawn into the same murky underground of terrorists and spies into which the writer has been reluctantly led. In this novel, Jacobs weaves a story that takes place over three continents and illuminates the unexpected ways people betray and defend one another and, ultimately, how they learn to love.

The work of photographer Bill Owens (Jamaica 1964–66) is currently being shown at the Barbara Gladstone Gallery [515 W 24 St] in New York in a show entitled “American Standard: Normality and Everyday Life.” Others in the show include Edward Hopper and Diane Arbus.
     Meanwhile, uptown at the Whitney [945 Madison Ave.], Bill’s “4th of July” from his book Suburbia, is being shown in the exhibition “Visions from America: Photographs from the Whitney Museum of American Art, 1940–2001” which can be seen until September 22nd.