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July 2002
Talking with . . .
    Editor John Coyne interviewed Rich Wandschneider (Turkey 1965–67), founder and director of Fishtrap, an educational organization for writers in the West.

A Writer Writes


40+ 1 RPCV Conference

    Readings from The 40 + 1: A poem by John Wayne Seybold (Brazil 1966–68).

    Nancy and Joel Meister’s (Peru 1964–65) introduction of President Toledo.

    A report on Peace Corps Writers’ offerings

Literary Type


Recent books by Peace Corps writers

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    There are thirteen new books by Peace Corps writers noted in this issue.


To Africa With Spatula: A Peace Corps Mom in Malawi 1965–1967
by Jane Baker Lotter (Staff spouse: Malawi 1965–67) reviewed by Sharon Dirlam (Russian Far East 1996–98)

Journey from Kilimanjaro by Hoover Liddell (Nigeria 1967-69) reviewed by Steve Manning (Nigeria 1965–66)

Passionate Uncertainty: Inside the American Jesuits by Peter McDonough (East Pakistan/Bangladesh 1961–63) and Eugene C. Bianchi reviewed by M. Susan Hundt-Bergan (Ethiopia 1966–68)

A letter from . . .

    Romania from Trainee Andy Trincia.

Tales of Wisdom and Cunning

    A folktale from The Gambia retold by Jamie Rhein (The Gambia 1982–84)

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