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January 2002
A Writer Writes
    David Espey (Morocco 1962–64) remembers expatriate writer Paul Bowles.
Talking with . . .
Editor John Coyne interviewed travel writer Stephen Foehr (Ethiopia 1964–66)

A letter from . . .

    Ukraine by Eugenia Hepworth Jenson (Ukraine 1995–97)

Literary Type


Recent books by Peace Corps writers

    Among the fifteen new books by Peace Corps writers there are three children’s books that have received national attention and three written by people whose last name begins with Z.


Click on any book cover and go to Amazon to order it.

To Preserve and to Learn

    The second installment of Mark Covert writing about Moritz Thomsen (Ecuador 1965–67), this time focusing on The Farm on the River of Emeralds.

    Revisit Med Bennett’s “The Real Job of the Peace Corps — One Man’s View.”

Opportunities for writers

    Attend the Writers of the Americas’ Third Annual U.S.-Cuba Writers Conference in Havana.

    The Chicken Soup for the Soul people are seeking submissions. For more information . . .

    Don Christians (PC staff: Ethiopia 1967–70, Dominican Republic 1970–72) invites writers to appear on his radio program, “Turning Pages.” For more information . . .

New at the site

    We’ll link you to our world: Links to sites of PCVs and RPCVs that tell of their countries and experiences.

Back issue of RPCV Writers & Readers added to Archives

    September, 1993 — featuring “Sitting in Paul Bowles’ Chair” by Sarah Steed, “If John Grisham had been a PCV” by Kitty Thuermer, “Asha” by Jeanne D’Haem and more.
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