Contact members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about the Vasquez nominationz

    Please pick up the phone and call your Senator now.
        In a recent conversation, Senator Chris Dodd said that as long as he doesn’t hear any opposition from his constituents on the nomination of Gaddi Vasquez, he is not going to oppose it. He said that as long as Barbara Boxer, Jay Rockefeller, Paul Sarbanes and Jessie Helms don’t hear any opposition from their constituents, they will not oppose the Vasquez nomination either. This is really a tragic situation — the Peace Corps will be headed by an individual who has no international development experience or foreign policy experience, and just missed a grand jury investigation because his county went bankrupt under his watch, but he resigned before he got called in!
         We need to mobilize the forces in key states fast and furious to have them make phone calls to all these folks on the Foreign Relations Committee as his nomination may go up within weeks. If the Senators don’t hear from the voters in their states – they certainly will not heed our cries from Washington. People in the states of California, Maryland, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Carolina and West Virginia need to call all the state offices of the Senators immediately to express your opposition to the Vasquez nomination. Please get the word out urgently as they should flood the phones and send emails.
         Here are their names and numbers. Please share the list with your networks and ask all your friends to get on board —our nation does not need another person with no qualifications making serious decisions about people’s lives around the world.

    Senator Barbara Boxer
    202-224-3553 - DC
    415-403-0100 - SF
    213-894-5000 - LA
    619-239-3884 - SD
    559-497-5109 - Fresno
    909-888-8525 - San Bernadino
    916-448-2787 - Sacramento

    Senator Diane Feinstein
    202-224-3841- DC
    415-393-0707 - SF
    310-914-7300 - LA
    619-231-9712 - SD
    559-485-7430 - Fresno

    Senator Chris Dodd
    202-224-2823 - DC
    860-258-6940 - Westfield

    Senate Jay Rockefeller
    202-224-6472 - DC
    304-347-5372 - Charleston
    304-262-9285 - Martinsburg

    Senator Jessie Helms
    202-224-6342 - DC
    919-856-4245 - Raleigh
    828-322-5170 - Hickory

    Senator George Allen
    202-224-4024 - DC
    804-771-2221 - Richmond

    Senator Paul Sarbanes
    202-224-4524 - DC
    410-962-4436 - Baltimore
    301-589-0797 - Silver Spring

    Senator Paul Wellstone
    202-224-5641 - DC
    651-645-0323 - St. Paul
    218-741-1074 - Virginia