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September 2001
The 40th
    Instead of a celebration, there was a Peace Vigil. Comments given there by Sargent Shriver, our first Director.

The Vasquez nomination


A Writer Writes

    In a follow-up on “Thirty Years Later” by Barbara Carey (India 1966–68) that appeared in the July edition of Peace Corps Writers — Barbara has sent two photos from her reunion with her dear friend, Uma.

    “The Best Little Drag Show in Outer Mongolia” by Richard Smith (Mongolia 1995–96)

Talking with . . .

    Editor John Coyne interviewed children’s book author Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen (Tanzania 1989–90)

Letters to international friends

    by Kitty Thuermer (Mali 1977–79) read at the RPCV Peace Vigil September 22nd.

Literary Type


Recent books by Peace Corps writers

    Poetry, music, children of cowboys, children of Kennedys — as always, the seventeen new books by Peace Corps writers are stunning in their breadth.


Click on any book cover and go to Amazon to order it.

    The Mourning of Angels by Patricia Taylor Edmisten (Peru 1962–64) reviewed by Marnie Mueller (Ecuador 1963–65)

    State of Decay by Robert Gribbin (Kenya 1968–70) reviewed by Charles Wood Jewett (Ethiopia 1966–69).

Travel Right


A Closer Look

    Tom Hebert (Nigeria 1962–64) looks at education in America.

To Preserve and to Learn

    Martin Kaplan (Somali Republic 1962–64) writes of plans to establish the Museum of the Peace Corps Experience in Portland.

Opportunities for writers

    A team of British international volunteers is compiling a book about the volunteer experience. For more information.

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