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July 2001
The 40th — Celebrating a Peace Corps anniversary through the written word
    Visit “40 Years of Peace Corps Writers: The Tour” for readings and presentations.

A Writer Writes

    “Thirty Years Later” by Barbara Carey (India 1966–68)

Talking with . . .

Letter from . . .

    Botswana by Allison Flynn Fitzpatrick.

Recent books by Peace Corps writers

    There are eight new books listed in this issue, three of which are about the Peace Corps experience.



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    Touching My Father's Soul by Jamling Tenzing Norgay, with Broughton Coburn (Nepal 1973–75) reviewed by Kitty Thuermer (Mali 1977–79)

    Field Observations by Rob Davidson (Grenada 1990–92) reviewed by Mark Brazaitis (Guatemala 1991–93)

    Later Maybe by Beryl Gutnick (Philippines 1989–90) reviewed by Bill Coolidge (Bolivia 1966–68)

    The Road Builder by Nicholas Hershenow (Zaire/Congo 1985–87) reviewed by Beth Giebus (Morocco 1990–93)

    Serendib by Jim Toner (Sri Lanka 1989–91) reviewed by Joe Kovacs (Sri Lanka 1997–98

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