Peace Corps Writers
Three Writers & Three Poems (cont.)
  The Air Is . . .

by Meagan Pfeltz (Dominica 2000–01)

  Three Writers & Three Poems
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Sultry too hot and lazy breeze
Making my own skin moist
Clothes sticky
The sun and the salt
And the sand
Stinging my eyes like fine grains of sugar
Sweet and cloying
On my tongue like mangoes
Plump and juicy
A rooster practices (smoldering)
Trash (crows) in the dust-choked weeds
Church choirs (bleat)
Goats (sing)
Mama-children cry-Mama
Mountains lush primordial amazons
Leafy ferns graceful
Razor grass stained with blood from my
palm (trees swaying)
Ocean gleaming azure womb
Brilliant coral stunning
Angel fish flying, darting, their fins are
humming (birds longing for nectar)
Their songs are more quiet than
Hello, good night, you okay
Psst!, I like to see you, and Hey Baby
Not quite comfortable
Perched on the edge here of
Not quite home
But more real
Than the Technicolor land of the free
And the brave and Purple Mountains
Before and friends and family and we and us
Now and he and she and they
(and me)
No one has frozen like caterpillars
Cocooned waiting for butterfly birth
Coveted moments-shared in limbo long distance
Letters now and wishes on stars
The same stars here as there
And the moon
Time here passes slow and fast and slow
Dizzy living these days
The air is . . .
    After unexpectedly finding herself "medically separated" due to a knee injury that required reconstructive surgery, Meagan Pfeltz has spent the past five months alternately wistfully reflecting upon her Peace Corps service and attempting to properly demonstrate her increased appreciation for non-starchy foods, air-conditioning and hot running water. Following a long and arduous job search, she will begin employment as an Administrative Assistant to the Director with the Population Leadership Program, an international project of the Public Health Institute.