Three Writers & Three Poems (cont.)

by Kinney Thiele (Sierra Leone 1985–87)

Three Writers & Three Poems
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These equatorial evenings
I end in a hammock
listening to drums accompany neighbors
through wakes.
Owls and bats fan the darkness —
ancestors, it’s said, visiting the living.
Anonymous stars and the familiar moon rise
while sweat meanders
down temple, cheek, neck, and breast,
soaking into cotton
as formless as this easy boredom.
No other light.
No lover.
Only a frog splashing in the dishpan.
    Kinney Thiele has done over 200 talks, exhibits, media interviews and stories about her experiences as a health and rural development Volunteer in Sierra Leone. By day she works for SRI International (formerly the Stanford Research Institute) in California in corporate communications and marketing. After hours she writes, gardens, and attends public lectures and book talks several times a week
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