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November 2000
  In our November 2000 issue

    Talking with . . .
    This issue we interviewed Jeffrey Tayler, who served in Morocco as a Peace Corps Volunteer and later was on the Peace Corps staff in Eastern Europe. He lives now in Russia and is a frequent contributor to the Atlantic Monthly, as well as many other national magazines. We interviewed Jeff about his new book, Facing the Congo about traveling down that river by piroque.

    The Spy Who Was a PCV
    Lee Howard (Colombia 1972–1974) was a CIA agent who betrayed his country’s secrets and escaped to Moscow in 1985. He was also the first CIA defector to the Soviet Union. Before that, he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic and then in Colombia. Read about him in “A Closer Look.”

    We have in this issue another wonderful piece by Mike Tidwell (Zaire 1985–87) from his new collection of travel essays In the Mountains of Heaven: Tales of Adventure on Six Continents published by Lyons Press. This travel piece fits nicely into the Holiday Season — it’s his tale of a “Christmas Miracle in the Andes.”

    Letter Home
    Kathleen Coskran (Ethiopia 1965–67) has written movingly in fiction and non-fiction of her life in Ethiopia and Kenya where she was a Volunteer and a Peace Corps staff wife. But perhaps she never wrote with as much need and urgency and love as she did in 1966 when she wrote home to her mother and described one of the most horrific accidents to befall a group of Peace Corps Volunteers. Her letter is reprinted here in full.

    A Writer Writes
    In this issue we have a poem by Sheila Crofut who served in the Czech Republic from 1994 to 1996 and taught English and edited environmental documents for the Ministry of Environment’s International Relations Section. Today she lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington and teaches writing and literary analysis at the college and university levels.

    And much, much more . . .
    Check out two new items in Resources — on the Links page we have a new listing of where to look on the web for writer sites, and on the Opportunities for Writers page how to get published in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Our Peace Corps History takes us all back to the very early days of the agency when Volunteers prepared for their overseas assignments by undergoing Outward Bound Training. Besides all that there are new books reviews, new books, and simply news in Literary Type. See Current Issue to read it all.

See you next year on the Peace Corps Writers’ Tour.

— John Coyne, editor

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