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November 2000
The 40th — Celebrating a Peace Corps anniversary through the written word
    Announcing: 40 Years of Peace Corps Writers: The Tour

A Letter from . . .

    Kathleen Coskran (Ethiopia 1965–67) wrote A letter from Ethiopia to her mother telling of one of the worst tragedies to befall a PCV.

A Writer Writes


Literary Type

Click on any bookcover and go to Amazon to order it.

    Literary Type has news of writers, books, the Peace Corps and more.

Talking with . . .

    Editor John Coyne interviewed Moscow resident, travel writer and political commentator Jeffrey Tayler (Morocco 1988–90).

Recent books by Peace Corps writers

    Travel and Latin American politics are among the subjects for this issue’s the fifteen new books.

Travel Right




A Closer Look

    Editor John Coyne tells the story of a worst-case-scenario — “The Spy Who Was a PCV.”

To Preserve and to Learn: Occasional Essays about the History of the Peace Corps

    Could you survive the “Outward Bound” training experience of Steve Wells (Philippines 1961–64)?

Which Peace Corps book begins . . . ?

    The opening qoute in this book relates a different training experience.

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