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Special in September —
    Joyce LombardisA letter from Chadwill break your heart.

    Simone Zelitch (Hungary 1991–93) writes of emotional experiences during her Peace Corps service that influenced her in the writing of Louisa in “A Writer Writes.”

Literary Type

Click on any bookcover and go to Amazon to order it.

    Literary Type has news of writers, books, the Peace Corps and more.

Talking with . . .

    Editor John Coyne interviewed much-published travel writer Tom Brosnahan (Turkey 1967–70).

Recent books by Peace Corps writers

    In the thirteen new books we get murder, travel and poetry — to name a few.


    Major McKinley by William H. Armstrong (PC staff/Ethiopia 1966–68, PC Director/Swaziland 1968–71) reviewed by Ted O. Hall (Peru 1966–68)

    How to Be a Better Birder by Michael Ketover (Honduras 1993–95; Guyana 1995–96; Crisis Corps/ Dominican Republic 1999) reviewed by Laura McClure (Togo 1997–99)

    Of Permanent Value by Andrew Kilpatrick (India 1965–67) reviewed by John Hartley (Grenada 1992–94)

    Redheads by Paul Spencer Sochaczewski (Borneo 1969–71) reviewed by Paige Risser (Paraguay 1996 – 98)

To Preserve and to Learn: Occasional Essays about the History of the Peace Corps

    The Real Job of the Peace Corps  — One Man’s View” by Meridan Bennett (PC/Washington staff 1964–67) reveals his thinking in 1966.

New at the site

  • Our Quote Quiz gets a page of its own. (How did you do with the July quote?)
  • The trivia page we're calling “A Closer Look.” This first installement has to do with a presidential candidate.
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