Recent Books by Peace Corps Writers
July 2000

The Great Blue Heron
Hayward Allen (Ethiopia 1962–64)
Creative Publishing International, $16.95
January, 2000
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Major McKinley: William McKinley and the Civil War.
by William H. Armstrong (PC staff/Ethiopia 1966–68, PC Dir./Swaziland 1968–71)
Kent State University Press, $18.00.
248 pages
May 2000)
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Festival of Conception
by Craig J. Carrozzi (Colombia 1978–80)
Southern Trails, $15.00
     529 Brussels Street
     San Francisco, California 94134
198 pages
June, 2000
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Historical Dictionary of the Republic of Cameroon
Third edition)
by Mark W. DeLancey (Nigeria 1962–64) with Mark Dike DeLancey.
Scarecrow Press, $75.00
June, 2000.
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Cases in Macro Social Work Practice
edited by David P. Fauri (Nigeria 64-66) Stephen P. Wernet, F. Ellen Netting.
Boston: Allyn and Bacon, $35.00
272 pages
October, 1999)
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Horning In: The Grown-up's Guide to Making Music for Fun
by Jerry Germer (Somalia 1964–66) with Lucie Germer,
Marlborough, N.H.: Frost Hill Press, $10.95
256 pages
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The Houstons
by Lawrence Grobel (Ghana 1968–71)
Cooper Square Pub., $29.95
872 pages
May, 2000
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In the City of the Disappeared
By Tom Hazuka (Chile 1978–80)
Bridge Works Publishing, $22.95
276 pages
June, 2000
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The Hausa Language: An Encyclopedic Reference Grammar,
by Paul Newman (Nigeria 1961–63)
New Haven: Yale University Press, $80.00
800 pages
March, 2000.
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The Immaculate Invasion
(paperback reissue)
by Bob Shacochis (St. Vincent 1975–76)
Penguin, $14.95
432 pages
May 2000
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The Book of Phoebe
by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith (Cameroon 1965–67)
An Authors Guild Edition, $14.95 *
217 pages
May, 2000
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* We have more about this publishing alternative.

Paul Spencer Sochaczewski (Borneo 1969–71)
Sid Harta Publishing, $13.00
251 pages
March, 2000
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Rhythm of Compassion: Caring for Self, Connecting with Society
Gail Straub (Cote d'Ivoire 1972–73)
Charles E Tuttle Co, $16.95
234 pages
March, 2000
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The Basics of Bioethics
Robert M. Veatch (Nigeria 1962–64)
Prentice Hall, $21.00
180 pages
November, 1999
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Cross Cultural Perspectives in Medical Ethics
(Second edition)
edited by
Robert M. Veatch (Nigeria 1962–64)
Jones and Bartlett, $37.50
380 pages
April, 2000.
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(Selected Poems)
by Paul Violi (Nigeria 1966)
Coffee House Press, $14.95
128 pages
June, 2000
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Intercultural Services: Worldwide Buyer's Guide & Sourcebook
by Gary M. Wederspahn
(Staff: Ecuador 1968–70 APCD, Puerto Rico/Ecuador, 1970–73, training director; Guatemala 1973–76, Deputy Dir, Dir; Costa Rica 1977–78 Dir.)
Gulf Publishing Co., $37.95
250 pages
June, 2000
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La Comida
By Jeff Westbrook (Peru 1973-74)
Electron Press, $4.00
December, 1998

The Quotable Executive
by John Woods (Ethiopia 1965–68)
McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing, $14.95
214 pages
May, 2000
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